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A jam submission

The Claus MetroidvaniaView game page

A metroidvania platformer
Submitted by D-Studios, negative Proton — 2 hours, 46 minutes before the deadline

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

So at first, I thought "Hm, not much of a Metroidvania, just a platformer really." But then there was backtracking! I think having to move along with the moving platforms is fine -- it's an extra challenge where otherwise I would just be waiting to jump to the next one. Having some small progression of player abilities would have really solidified it into the Metroidvania genre you were going for. Maybe adding a double-jump that you acquire in one room and need to get to another? That could replace the keys as a way to gate progress. It would also open up more possibilities for platforming challenges. As it is, the challenges on offer are a bit samey.

Overall, great work on this submission. I think you definitely have a foundation here that you could build on, if you wanted. :)


Its boring and not fun, actually your other games are more fun, I suggest to swap camera to orth view and use cinemachine 2D camera. I dont think you need to use moving platforms if you cant implement them well. I also see no progress in player movement abilities in your games. 

But at least you finished the game and I guess you should be proud of it(in some way) but make some progress pls(I suggest you watching Brackeys as they have good tutorials in 2D platforming and mark brown to know how other games handle level design)

Not even talking about design of the game, its more of linear platformer than metroidvania.