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Sorry but I can't seem to find it in the download files on the main page. When I import the package into the game it seems to be a 32X dll

Make sure to be downloading GMS2.3+ version - earlier versions didn’t support x64 DLLs and thus do not include it.

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How do I add shaders file to NTT?

like I don't know which function 'points' the filename.

for example:

var MyShockwaveShader = LoadShader("shader.fsh")

Is there some kind of function that does this?

If not, is there a way I can write directly to the mod's source code?


///Shader functions

//Shader data.....

Sorry if the above question is a bit silly, but I'm really a little lost in relation to the Shading functions of your NTt.

But if you can help me, thanks in advance.

Edit: Will ntt get an update?

//Sorry for duplicated post

Some NTT versions have shader_create and alike - do /gmlapi in chat to get a full list of functions.

I am currently working on a new NTT update (if you own regular Nuclear Throne on Steam, you can find an early preview version on “ntt_development” beta branch) but I cannot actually guarantee that custom shaders will continue to be supported since they first relied on an extension (“Graphics Utilities”) that no longer works in GMS2 and then on an extremely hacky solution by me (that doesn’t work with current versions of GMS2).

Thanks anyway!, I hope GM2 makes 'our' work easier kk, more

really, the limitations of GM2 make it very difficult to create elaborate games,

(including Audio Reverb, and Low Pass Filter ), I hope that in the future

these problems stop being a 'pebble' in our shoe : ]

Thanks again!