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Thanks anyway!, I hope GM2 makes 'our' work easier kk, more

really, the limitations of GM2 make it very difficult to create elaborate games,

(including Audio Reverb, and Low Pass Filter ), I hope that in the future

these problems stop being a 'pebble' in our shoe : ]

Thanks again!

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How do I add shaders file to NTT?

like I don't know which function 'points' the filename.

for example:

var MyShockwaveShader = LoadShader("shader.fsh")

Is there some kind of function that does this?

If not, is there a way I can write directly to the mod's source code?


///Shader functions

//Shader data.....

Sorry if the above question is a bit silly, but I'm really a little lost in relation to the Shading functions of your NTt.

But if you can help me, thanks in advance.

Edit: Will ntt get an update?

//Sorry for duplicated post


if unfortunately Nuclear throne together has graphics limitations, 
I can simulate a "filter", 
as I was able to create a trailing 
effect to the character while
 it has a speed buff, similar to Motion Blur. 
if so is it possible?
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I know the question is kind of off topic, 
but can I create custom graphics? 
like Minecraft's Shaders?, 
or Simple effects filters to the game, because I'm developing a Dynamic mod that, 
to make it more faithful to the name,
 I would need to add graphic effects to the 
game's projectiles like 
the famous Bloom among others, 
could help me in that?  
A community-made mod called "Cool Shadows", 
is very similar to minecraft shaders, 
including its extreme lag on non-dedicated architecture processors kkk, 
I took a look at the guy's code, 
and saw that he didn't render from the GPU but rather simulated 
the shadows of game elements using draw events built into your NTT,
 I was wondering if I can create shaders and an "OpenGL Code Interpreter" 
and integrate it into my mod.  
Is this possible?, can I create a Code Interpreter in NTT?
Thanks in advance!.