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I found the new hell monster in the Christmas curse update. Put me on the finders or do I need proof? Also found head-teacher's real name. 

The monster that tries to stab you from a distance, or something else? Just downloaded Christmas update and played it through.

Yes. That one.

Also, is there any way of beating the game when the Christmas demon is summoned? There's gotta be a reason behind all those automatic death resets.

Should be hint drawings and subtitles that help.










(now imagine Heavy whispering that)

I added .txt file with instructions, and watcher says what to do.

This is not a monster, take a look, you know him.

And he is not secret character, there is other secrets.

Wasn't trying to give much away with comment. I already got THAT ending about said monster when playing first version of Christmas Curse, explored level for other stuff later. Way to assume...good work...

Other note:

  • Sealing all 10 cracks and being late to dinner party makes monster appear. New cracks, no silver ingots, previous 10 used up.
  • Dinner party cutscenes (whether saying "yes" or "no" to Erie before-hand) will lock up due to character getting stuck. Mentioned already by someone else.
  • Possible to quit math level (End key) and return to normal AEwVS menu, went on language level and found a dead Erie.