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I honestly feel like the discord was a bad idea, well, I just don't like it because I really miss it when every day, there was an interesting post on this community page and now it almost seems like this community is obsolete just by visiting here as almost nothing cool is posted in the comments anymore.


Well it was my idea because the comments section felt like it was dying out anyway, and also there were way too many spoilers. Which I realise doesn't help that I keep posting stuff I did in the game in here, but, yeah, something had to be did. Discord would just let everybody talk in realtime and keep active conversations going. But then it got detrimental because everybody was like "FREEEEDOOOOM!!!!!!111!111!!" and started talking about NSFW stuff and Pokémon and I got pissed and left (because of the former BTW). Anyway. Yeah. Also while I was there (for like two or three days), I was on the server FOR AGES. If I was still there it would be always taking up half of my day.

Sorry. You could have just said something. Should I remove the Pokémon bot and the nsfw channel?


pokemon bot and other bits (except music bot) maybe was fun, but now it's forgotten and don't used by anybody. But nsfw channel can exist, for content diversity.

And discord server have few pluses: in comment section you must wait half-day, one day or two for reply, in discord you get replies instantly. In discord you can post spoilers, secrets and other things (special channel exists), but comments are visible to everyone, and somebody can lose interest by reading all comments (but this have low probability, but ok)

Fireydeath and you just can not visit other channels you don't like, or say what you don't like.

Nobody talks about nsfw, it just was few spudid jokes.

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Actually I did, I ragequitted before I stormed away.  Kinda.

Anyway I don't freaking care anymore...

I'm gonna make sure it is absolutely over though because I'm still sick to death of it.

Wait, remove the NSFW channel??? OMG DO ITTTTTTT DOITDOITDOITDOITDOITDOITDOITDOITDOITDOITDOITDOITGOIKY (I never went there but there were discussions leaking into the other channels)


Let this channel exist, i want to remove it too after i saw what's happening here, but... Let this just exist, for "special" type of users.

And about nsfw joking and talking in other channels, i can add the rule about that, "don't talk about nsfw sh!t in other channels", i will personally look after it.

The rule already exists.