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The rules state "Game has to be made for a non standard aspect ratio. 1:1, 1:15, 30:1 and so on is allowed while 4:3 and 16:9 and other common ones are not."
So my question is, could you please list all the ones that are not allowed? "other common ones" is a bit ambiguous. For example, NES/MegaDrive/SNES resolutions are ok? To certain crazy people (like myself XD) those resolutions could resemble "common" ones XD

Well the internal framebuffers for those consoles might not be in a common aspect ratio but since they are made to be displayed on 4:3 TVs they don't qualify.

We don't really want to enumerate aspect ratios that are not allowed. Generally speaking you either make something that's square, longer than widescreen or in a tall format such as in arcade cabinets. The idea is to make something where it is clear it's not a standard resolution so making something in say 4:3.2 would defeat that purpose ;)