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Alexander Birke aka Out Of Bounds Games

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Your welcome! Glad others find it useful :)

We decided to make an abstract 80s racing game inspired by the Cityscape music video I posted a link to earlier. We still have to get the gmaeplay finished but the visuals are coming along nicely as you can see in this GIF:

Just gave it a go, nice little game! Interesting form factor for an embedded one. I don't know if forum signatures allow you to embed content but would be a cool place to put a game such as yours

Yeah It really puts a focus on what's happen at the center of the video I think

Well the internal framebuffers for those consoles might not be in a common aspect ratio but since they are made to be displayed on 4:3 TVs they don't qualify.

We don't really want to enumerate aspect ratios that are not allowed. Generally speaking you either make something that's square, longer than widescreen or in a tall format such as in arcade cabinets. The idea is to make something where it is clear it's not a standard resolution so making something in say 4:3.2 would defeat that purpose ;)

I just found this list of videos with non standard aspect ratios. It's really cool to see how the different aspect ratios help to shape the experience of each of them

My favorite is Cityscape. What's yours?

Yup it's in Unity. I just uploaded a new build with a better collision mesh for the car and some trash cans to drive into. Had hoped to add traffic as well but that must be a post jam addition. I might turn it into my next full release but it is a very ambitious game with a big scope if this is what I decide to do so I will have to do some more prototyping to see if it is feasable.

I'm working on a game called Hover Cabby inspired by Crazy Taxi and Fifth Element where you fly around a city in a hover car and have to pick up customers and deliver them as quickly as possible. I just uploaded the first build and I'm looking for feedback on it!