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So I spent some time playing the game, and I think I get the puzzle you're going for. The cause & effect of two different "realities" is a fun mechanic to play with.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get past the second level. Not because I didn't know what to do, but because I couldn't see what was going on when I switched to the second view. Textures would go black, the character would just float there not doing anything, and it didn't look like the platforms were properly correlating. (As a side note: this also made the fan on my graphic card start spinning like crazy, which almost never happens.) I'd love to play more of this if you can iron out some of the bugs! Best of luck :)

Hey pfail, thanks for your feedback. I wish you had proper graphic card to enjoy fully the game. I will make tomorrow playthrough and Twitch stream during the weekend so you can check whole experience ;)
Thank you for your time and playing game!

Hm... Is there maybe a setting I can change to make it work properly? Like I said, never had this problem before regardless of system requirements.

I could quickly create options menu in the game, but because this is just a prototype I cannot implement everything at once.
You can try with full screen ALT + Enter. This is the only thing you can change for now.