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Nice entry with a cool approach to doing landmass/cameras (also props for doing an unreal engine game).

My main comment is that the twin realities isn't quite clear, it seemed like the only way to view the other side was with the top-down camera (good catch with the direction arrow btw), and the primary attack wasn't consistently editing the land across each level (which of course mix it up, but I didn't see a clue or visual hint that something changed).

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Ah right, there should be maybe particle around character visualizing range of parallel skill.
Although at first mechanics are hard to understand I thought that after first two levels and hints it becomes clear.
Of course primary attack is not modifying terrain if there is nothing to modify.  It only happens when there are differences between worlds!
Thank you for your time!

Have you defeat the boss? How was it?

Adding short tutorial could also help explaining game mechanics :D