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As usual great work and stunning visuals John!

Very nice pixel art and your most beautiful jam game so far. You also did a great job on the music. The gameplay however suffers from a bit sturdy controls and the challenges don't feel very engaging. Some element that rewards the player for completing them may be a good idea for the Post Jam update you are probably doing :)

Thank you very much, Dalton, but I can't take any credit for the music; it's Kevin MacLeod. Should've made that obvious.

With regards to a lack of engagement, is that because the only reward for beating a level is getting to the next one?

I haven't decided on whether or not I'm doing a post-jam version quite yet... but that hasn't stopped me from coming up with a list of changes if I were to. One of them was to add a world map, and make levels feature more like Mario 64; so getting 100% would entail beating every level on every mode. Would that sense of progression help to make the game more engaging?

Yes certainly! A world map would give me an idea what's there to explore, a goal to reach and a feel of progression. I think it's a good solution