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Thank you! I will be using this in a commercial project so I'll have to buy those packs at some point. (I've no intent of publishing the game before I pay for your icon sheets; I just don't have much money right now to buy the packs as soon as I came across your page.) 

One last question: when I buy packs 1/2/4/5/6, will I need to import those sheets manually or can I still use the VisuMZ sheet so I don't have to change every icon called by moves, items, etc.? I really like how that sheet replaces the RTP sheet blow for blow, but if I have to remove it I will.

That's awesome, thank you for your support! :D Once you own the packs, you can totally use the RTP version of it if it's easier. 


Thank you so much for the clear answers! I just wanted to make sure I am acting within your terms of use, because you are entitled to compensation for your quality work! I'm very glad I can continue using the RTP version of your icons as well. Have a lovely day. I hope to be able to purchase rights soon.