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Merry Chrysler!

Oh god, that makes sense, I played *so* much Pokémon as a kid. I didn't get to test much before the deadline and saw it was a *little* rough and just went "EH FUCK IT JUST SHIP IT" and I guess that's why I thought it was shippable XD

RE encounter rate: Yeah, I'm not super experienced at balancing the encounter rates yet. The default rate in RMMZ is 30 steps, but that was too long for the tiny maps for this scale of game. Nonetheless, I'll keep the criticism in mind for future TriJams! Thank you for the feedback.

Hi, I downloaded the game from GameJolt (so IDK if this version is different) but during the battle against the Angrier Bar-goer and Dragged-In Friend, the game continually fails to load img/battlehud/Face_11.png. I can get through the battle by continually hitting Retry, but then after the fight the Now Loading... screen can't clear because of the error continually appearing.

Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. I appreciate the thorough answer!

Hi! I think this is the first plugin I've used that needs to use...well, a plugin command like Set Control. I'm not entirely sure what I need to do to activate this plugin... A couple of questions:

1) Do I need to add the plugin command to the intro scene of my game (like, the first scene that plays when starting a new save file)?
2) Also, will the command need to run every time the game is booted, or only when a new save/run of the game is started?

The Plugin Command menu is simple enough, it seems; I'm glad I don't have to enter any sort of JS manually. I'm just not sure how often Set Control needs to be run.

;) If you got back into the MZ port I sure wouldn't complain! Wasn't my original goal--- that was just to compliment a cool plugin ---but if *I* get to use it, well...

Yeah, simple scanline/static filters don't do CRT blur proper justice. It's very important to get the color blending down!

Ohhhhhhhh I wished this existed for MZ, it looks more like an old television than any other filter I've ever seen!!! Just here to admire and praise it.

Also, I have noticed that save files made before the cgmzname was set don't read the names even after they have been set. In other words, to see the effects, you will need to make a new save.

Thank you so much for the clear answers! I just wanted to make sure I am acting within your terms of use, because you are entitled to compensation for your quality work! I'm very glad I can continue using the RTP version of your icons as well. Have a lovely day. I hope to be able to purchase rights soon.

Thank you! I will be using this in a commercial project so I'll have to buy those packs at some point. (I've no intent of publishing the game before I pay for your icon sheets; I just don't have much money right now to buy the packs as soon as I came across your page.) 

One last question: when I buy packs 1/2/4/5/6, will I need to import those sheets manually or can I still use the VisuMZ sheet so I don't have to change every icon called by moves, items, etc.? I really like how that sheet replaces the RTP sheet blow for blow, but if I have to remove it I will.

Hi! I came across your icons and page from the Visustella MZ demo game. I looked at your ToS and I was wondering if this pack is the one to pay for rights to use the VisuMZ icon sheet commercially. My confusion comes from two causes:

1) This page only displays some of the icons from the VisuMZ sheet, and there doesn't seem to be a free or paid MZ RTP sheet like your MV RTP sheet.

2) From the Cazwolf ToS included with the demo game:

"You may only use these icons commercially if

you have purchased the corresponding pack that

they belong to, or if it already appears in a

free pack."

Does the VisuMZ demo game count as a "free pack"? If so does this mean that I don't have to pay for this icon pack?

Thank you for reading and I hope to receive an answer soon! Your work is really good and I like how clean your icons look on my higher-res screen.