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Hey there! It's on a per icon basis, so if the icon you're wanting to use is from one of my paid packs, you would need to own the pack it came from. The "free packs" refer to any of my asset packs where you would receive the icon for free. So for example, the letter button icons are from a free pack so you can use those non-commercially and commercially without needing to pay. 

So if you were looking to use the entire sheet in a commercial project, you would need to own icon packs 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. 

If you're making a non-commercial game though, you can use the sheet without needing to pay for the packs.

I hope that clears things up a little bit! :D

Thank you! I will be using this in a commercial project so I'll have to buy those packs at some point. (I've no intent of publishing the game before I pay for your icon sheets; I just don't have much money right now to buy the packs as soon as I came across your page.) 

One last question: when I buy packs 1/2/4/5/6, will I need to import those sheets manually or can I still use the VisuMZ sheet so I don't have to change every icon called by moves, items, etc.? I really like how that sheet replaces the RTP sheet blow for blow, but if I have to remove it I will.

That's awesome, thank you for your support! :D Once you own the packs, you can totally use the RTP version of it if it's easier. 


Thank you so much for the clear answers! I just wanted to make sure I am acting within your terms of use, because you are entitled to compensation for your quality work! I'm very glad I can continue using the RTP version of your icons as well. Have a lovely day. I hope to be able to purchase rights soon.