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Neat idea!  I like the idea that just making matches isn't enough, you have to go the extra step and destroy your opponent as well!   

Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be much strategy in it for me.  I found I could just stack four blocks in the exact same spot every time, get 6 axes and destroy the other boxes.   Maybe I missed something?

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Is my bad, the game mechanics aren't well explained , that game is a mix of  rubik, tetris and 4 in a row... well that  what's intended, if you put  7 blocks in a row, you're gonna be rewarded with 2 rotations and then you're gonna have the chance of moving each row like a rubik's cube...
  so I've to polish the user experience , explaining better how to play , also I've to add block's animations (destroy, move,rotate,etc..) and a new game mode.
Thanks for your feedback ;)