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Love the title art!   Game is great too!   One question, are the lights supposed to go out in some rooms?  Sometimes things would get extra dark and the foreground tiles (cave walls, etc) would disappear.  At first I thought it was a bug but then I noticed a small 'light switch' sound going off whenever that happened.

Controls were sharp also, which was good because some of the levels do require precision movement.   

Full of lots of nice little touches, like the names scaling up as they disappear in the credits, etc.

Great work!

My one quibble would be with jump being mapped to UP.   Using a face button for jump generally works better since it's easy to accidentally push up when moving the joystick left and right.  On the other hand, using UP to jump was a staple of games from the era this game clearly takes inspiration from, so maybe it just makes it more authentically retro. :)

Lights switch off on touch and fire
Original game has UP to fly ( jump )

It's a full remake  ( with some extras ) of the H.E.R.O game from ATARI 2600, but its based from Commodore 64 versión, that i had.
I've tried to keep the original main concept but adding some modern effects.

You can view C64 version at

I wanted to remake this game because it was one of my favorite games when i was a child

It has been a very good exercise for to learn how to make games ;-) and see how difficult was make games with only 64Kb and without tools


Knew I recognized that title art from somewhere:,236734/

that's one I drooled over in magazine ads a lot as kid but never got to play.   Thanks for bringing it back to my attention. :)

O... M... G! I had no idea what a flawless tribute this was! That's fantastic.