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thank you very much!!!!

Thanks !!!
Missed last  "U."  :D  :D  :D  :D

Lights switch off on touch and fire
Original game has UP to fly ( jump )

It's a full remake  ( with some extras ) of the H.E.R.O game from ATARI 2600, but its based from Commodore 64 versión, that i had.
I've tried to keep the original main concept but adding some modern effects.

You can view C64 version at

I wanted to remake this game because it was one of my favorite games when i was a child

It has been a very good exercise for to learn how to make games ;-) and see how difficult was make games with only 64Kb and without tools


I can't run the game :-(
Norton Antivirus delete the exe file

thank you very much ! :-)

I am from Spain. 

Hi Renatomad.
If you liked the original game, i have made a full remake to a JAM

I hope you enjoy ;-)

Hi, Marcio.
I made a full remake of this great game to a JAM, with some extras, based on C64 version.

I hope you enjoy ;-)

Little changes in version 0.0.2

  • Change key to continue playing when Game Over is displayed.
    Now, you can view your score at game over
  • Adjust a little bit the collision area from Player and  Enemies

It's very hard get points ! :D :D :D

thanks !

Pause the game ( with ESC ) an Continue ( with SPACE ) allow continue playing without Restart

Thank you !! For playing and feedback :-)

Thank you !!  For playing game  and video  : - )