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Thanks for the feedback! Regarding the physics:

"the velocity made no physical sense" and "If you turned left, the forward momentum also turned left, which meant that you were going forward even though you turned around" are kinda of contradictory statements, don't you think? If the spaceship keep moving onward when you turned left, that means that there are steering forces and inertia going on, while the opposite would be totally non physically accurate :P. But nonetheless it's a stylized physics, right? Although I do agree that it feels bad, especially when you are trying to shoot on comets and always lose that target because of the inertia.

Thanks for the compliments on graphics! The style is called flat design, and was inspired mostly by Kurzgesagt,, although I use this style broadly in my games since the first of them, Moon Cheeser. Most of the art reference came from this image:

Although I know and really admire Kenney's assets as well!

Regarding sound, yeah, I actually think we don't even deserve anything above 1 star, and this star being granted only due to the try of adding sound :P

About the gameplay, are you sure you couldn't harvest the planets? It is an automatic action which happens as long as you stand within a planet boundaries, and by the way you can't harvest the same planet twice. We did a check on this report, and at least this is working as it should :/

Well, if the problem persists, please tell us, it is indeed a major bug, I'd say even a blocker if this isn't working.

Anyway, thanks a lot for taking the time for giving such a good feedback, I really appreciate this <3

I meant that I continued forward in the direction that I turned to face, not the direction I was facing beforehand. Sorry, I worded that post terribly. You're supposed to drift off in a direction due to momentum and that would be good. Constantly moving in the direction you are facing, however, makes no sense, and just feels bad. Generally, you really don't want to use stylized physics, unless you're messing with the amount of force (such as adding a ton of gravity and jump force in a platformer to keep things fun, rather than having it realistic). 

You use the method on the right. Laws of physics dictate the one on the right.

I downloaded it again and discovered the source of the problem. Normally, I have my monitor running at 144 hertz. For some reason, resource collection won't work at all unless I set it back to 60. Maybe you should check that out. Aside from resource collection though, there's nothing that goes wrong at 144 hertz, so fix that bug and you'll be good to go!