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Maybe you could make dodging also reload your gun? If that makes dodging too powerful and you can't balance it, it should be ok to give reloading a separate button so the player won't end up reloading when they wanted to do something else. Slightly more complicated controls are perfectly fine, since the alternative is more frustrating controls that won't always do what the player wants. You could also try TF2-style automatic reloading, but I'm not sure how well that would work for this game.

It's suuuuper finnicky - any typos and/or different punctuation will make it fail. Plus, it might just straight up not work anyway. This is a jam game after all. Sorry if you can't get it to work!

Love it so far! The environment art is great, and the core loop is pretty fun so far. The character designs are simple but expressive, and the different enemies are easy to tell apart at a glance. 

If I were to make some changes, I would "juice" the mechanics some. I've linked an excellent video about that by GMTK (if you haven't heard of GMTK, go binge all of his videos, they are so useful and endlessly entertaining). TLDR little things like camera shake and bass-boosted sound effects go a long way to make the game feel fun. 

I'd also add music, but I'm assuming you haven't gotten there yet lol. There's lot of creative commons music out there if you either don't do music or just want some placeholder beats, but anything to fill the silence would be nice.

Finally, can you make R reload the gun, and make a different button restart the game? Making the key something unlikely to be pressed by mistake like F1 would be good if you just plan to use it for debugging, while removing the key entirely and adding a pause menu with a quit button would be a good long-term feature. Plus, having to shoot a bunch of random bullets to reload gets a tad annoying. Keep the auto-reload, but also add manual reloading.

Overall, great stuff! It's fun, it looks good, and I can't wait to see how it improves over time!


Thanks for playing! Yeah, there's a few issues with enemy spawning and visual feedback; the game definitely would have been better with another day to work on it, but that's Ludum Dare for you. There is a quit button when you die, but I didn't have time for a pause menu, so the best way right now is Alt+F4 lol

Looks beautiful! Good stuff!

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Just so you know, non-commercial use does not classify this game as fair use. This game *might* be fair use if you changed the music drastically to fit the game, but it's just a rip. But Pearl Jam's publishing arm isn't going to care about this "playable shit-post" (I see you lol)

Wow, you put a lot of polish into this! It looks, feels, and sounds amazing. It is a bit tough to control, but that's part of the difficulty. Also, I feel like some of the on/off blocks didn't do anything that normal blocks wouldn't in one or two of the levels, but other than that, it was really well done!

Cute concept! I was kinda expecting the car to follow the mouse from the screenshots and such, but apparently, it's the other way around. Neat idea! Oh, and consider this a feature request: make it so that when you hit tab, the car follows the mouse around (not teleportation, driving). I'm still wondering how you managed to make a unity game that runs without a visible window. It's really impressive!

Coming soon!
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I've made some pretty major changes and fixed some of the issues you ran into, so if you're still interested, by all means, play the new version. The ending is way better,  the typo issues are gone, and you can now press enter (sorry!)

Hey! Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked it, and I'm glad you've confirmed that I created the right effect with the twist! I have a couple of ideas for improving the game and posting a post-jam version, but it's supposed to be a sort of video game short story, creepy pasta style.

I meant that I continued forward in the direction that I turned to face, not the direction I was facing beforehand. Sorry, I worded that post terribly. You're supposed to drift off in a direction due to momentum and that would be good. Constantly moving in the direction you are facing, however, makes no sense, and just feels bad. Generally, you really don't want to use stylized physics, unless you're messing with the amount of force (such as adding a ton of gravity and jump force in a platformer to keep things fun, rather than having it realistic). 

You use the method on the right. Laws of physics dictate the one on the right.

I downloaded it again and discovered the source of the problem. Normally, I have my monitor running at 144 hertz. For some reason, resource collection won't work at all unless I set it back to 60. Maybe you should check that out. Aside from resource collection though, there's nothing that goes wrong at 144 hertz, so fix that bug and you'll be good to go!

Here's my rating:

The gameplay was great. It could use some polish, especially adding alerts for the player that he's been damaged and creating more variety in the gameplay, but the mechanics are solid. It's not unique, but it's executed well. My rating: 4.5 (rounded to 5) stars.

The theme fits somewhat well if you squint your eyes, but it seems to be much more oriented around fighter planes and aeronautics than space and space-flight. My rating: 3.5 (rounded to 4) stars.

This looks great! The art is really well polished, and it fits flawlessly with the game. It's all cohesive and really contributes to the game's overall feel. My rating: 5 stars.

The sound effects are pretty darn good (although lacking a bit of base), and the music is alright. It's programmer music made in bosca ceoil for sure, but it has some potential. My rating: 3.5 (rounded to 4) stars.

Overall, the amazing art and well made gameplay really bring this game to power. It could use a lot of polish, especially on the sound. However, it really doesn't fit the theme all that well. My rating: 4.25 (rounded to 4) stars.

Here's my rating:

The gameplay was interesting although basic, with no real innovation. The comets come out of nowhere and are very hard to dodge. The tank controls would work if it weren't for the fact that the velocity made no physical sense. If you turned left, the forward momentum also turned left, which meant that you were going forward even though you turned around. It doesn't sound all that bad, but it feels terrible. There's also the fact that I couldn't harvest planets even though I was supposed to be able to, which is a rather major bug because I couldn't earn points. My rating: 3.5 (rounded to 4) stars. 

It fits the theme. My rating: 5 stars.

Holy cow, the graphics are amazing! Seriously, great job! The style and usage is consistent, and it feels very well made! I am left wondering a little though, because I know that Kenney assets exist, and this art looks very much like that.... But I'm not here to point fingers. My rating: 5 stars.

The audio was pretty lacking, the biggest factor being the total absence of music. However, the existing sound effects were somewhat decent. My rating: 2.5 (rounded to 3) stars.

Overall, this game looks really good, but the lack of good audio to back it up and the very untuned controls (not to mention the big, fatal bug) really beg for fixing. My rating: 4 stars.

Here's my rating:

The gameplay worked well, and it was fun for a little while, but it got old very quickly. I actually ended up killing myself because I had seen all the game had to offer in the first 20 seconds. It's also really easy, and most crucially, it doesn't have a highscore system (or scoring for that matter). My rating: 2.5 (rounded up to 3) stars.

It fit the theme. What more do I say? My rating: 5 stars.

The art is really well done, especially the ship. However, the stars that you're dodging look rather ugly, along with the particles that go off when you die, and because they look  significantly different from the ship and background, it looks like the art was downloaded from the internet, not hand-made for the game. I don't doubt that the maker of this game made the art in the jam; rather, I am making a point about how it is implemented. My rating: 4 stars.

There's literally no audio. I don't blame you: it's hard to make audio in a jam. My rating: 1 star.

Overall, the concept and art were both well done and thought out, but the poor gameplay execution (and lack of audio) really put down the rest of the game. My rating: 2.5 (rounded to 3) stars.

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Here's my rating:

The gameplay was fun. There's some really good variety in the enemies that really brings the game alive. However, it is rather unbalanced. The green shooting enemies are WAY too powerful, but the other green enemies that just float down the screen are completely helpless. The score powerups are just random free points, and the health powerup gives you a completely full health bar. Also, if you have 3 or more enemies attacking at the same time, you will die instantly because there's no invincibility time when you get hit. My rating: 4 stars

It fits the theme. It's a galaga clone. Anything along those lines will fit the theme. My rating: 5 stars.

The aesthetics, although simple, are not that great. The edges are really sharp and ugly. Basically, antialiasing needs to happen for everything in the game, including UI and game sprites. I recommend playing on 1x resolution because it helps with that issue. Also, the similar color pallet for some of the enemies prevents instant recognition of those enemies, especially since the rest of the enemies rely on color and shape to convey who they are when they enter the screen. My rating: 3.5 (rounded to 4) stars.

This game really needs some music. It has some sound effects, and they are good, but they only play on half of the things they should play on. Basically, you ran out of time for the implementation of the SFX. I understand. My rating: 2.5 (rounded to 3) stars.

Overall, I like the game. You focused a bit more on the mechanics than on the art and sound, which did benefit the game and its fun factor, but the slightly ugly art and the lack of good sound really put some bullets into the game. But hey, you submitted the game, which means that your score is way better than the 0 stars you would have gotten if you hadn't submitted. My rating: 3 stars.

Here's my rating:

The gameplay is an interesting and innovative idea, and it's fun to play! Good job on that! The only problem is that collisions turn off at certain points in the game, which completely defeats the purpose. My rating: 4 stars

Good use of the theme! I'm glad you didn't stick to the outer space trope and instead thought of ways to use physical space to make a game. Great! My rating: 5 stars

The art is very simple, but it looks pretty good! It's consistent and clean, although it could use some polishing (and the circles might be better with antialiasing). My rating: 4 stars

The music is really good and perfectly suited to the genre of game. The sound effects work with it too, although they don't exactly stand out. You could also stand to add a few more here and there, such as a little sound on any collision with the walls. My rating: 4 stars

Overview: The game is quite well executed, with a sorta well rounded approach to the game's general feel rather than a focus on just art, just mechanics, or just sound. My overall rating: 4.25 stars (rounded down to 4).

What are the controls for this game?

What's the button to press to mine planets? I pressed S and Down, but those only stop me from moving.

Alright, here's my rating of the game:

The gameplay was a bit of a loose string. The jumping mechanics didn't feel good or make much physical sense, the enemies randomly dropping out of the sky don't help, and the platforms don't line up to any particular use or order. Plus, falling doesn't kill you instantly, keeping you at a pretty helpless position until you actually die, and the scoring system doesn't line up with anything like distance or time in seconds, instead relying on an arbitrary and rather odd number. Finally, the mechanic is just a straight up doodle jump cloning, with zero innovation in mechanics. However, the basic mechanic is there and is indeed salvageable, but it needs a lot of tuning and of course, juicing. My rating: 2 stars.

The art fits with the theme absolutely perfectly, as well as most aspects of the game. The only thing that doesn't fit is the mechanics, but that's rather unreasonable to expect such well thought out theme ties in 3 days. My rating: 5 stars.

The art is absolutely beautiful! Seriously, there's nothing else for me to say. My rating: 5 stars.

The audio sounds great... in isolation. Each sound effect sounds great and they all have a similar enough style to fit nicely. However, they have rather poorly made connections with the actual game. If you blindfolded yourself, it sounds pretty good, but take the blindfold off and it's hard to see how it fits with the game. My rating: 4 stars.

Overview: The gameplay is a huge score killer here, but the art and adherence to the theme, along with some well made sound effects, help bring the total score back up to a quite respectable 3.5 stars. I'll be rounding up to 4 stars because I can't use decimal stars. Great job with this submission!

I was wondering what everybody else will be using to make their leaderboards, whether you plan to use other external tools, built-in engine features, or even hand-made code. I understand if you guys don't want to share since we're competing. However, I am curious. I plan to use a leaderboard in a future project of mine and was wondering if you had any recommendations.

PS: If anyone else is using Unity,  I found this yesterday. It looks pretty promising, and I'll probably be using it for the competition. Best of all, it's free!

Got it! It works fine now. Thank you!

The full version said it contained a virus and was deleted. I don't know what's going on, because I was able to download the jam version during the jam without error.

Oh yeah. The jam. I'm sorry nobody is supporting linux. Do mac versions work on linux, or does it have to be specifically built for linux?

So, how do you close the window for the wire puzzle? Does it auto-close when you solve it? Also, this game is kinda unplayable without an understanding of electronics, since the first puzzle is all about electronics. Maybe make it more obvious what you are supposed to be doing with the electronics you are presented, or a link to electronics basics that covers what you need to know? 

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Do you mind putting controls on here? I'm a little confused...

I forgot to add this to the rules, and it is now in the main page. NO NSFW content! Everything must be as appropriate as possible. You may have some degree of violence and whatnot, if it is important that your game contains it.  However, I want to keep this jam and it's entries open to all (or at least most) ages. I'm not asking you to add accessibility features. I just want to make sure that you create games you would be comfortable with having, say, your six year old daughter watching you play.

Good luck!

I am using unity3d, and am rather new to it. The engine you use is up to you, but I like unity.

Alright everyone, time to get thinking! The theme is, "Powerless," so start thinking about what your game will be! You may start programming in one hour. Enjoy!

Anyone want to vote on the theme? Or do you want it to be a surprise? Respond with a theme to suggest if you want.

Thanks dude! It's nice to see my game recognized outside of the competition!

Nice, but WAY too easy. You just place enough things to crowd out the map and then sit there and rack up useless items, and then you lose because the AI overpopulated the place and then ask for more stuff. Apart from that, Beautiful art work and great AI. Great music and kinda fun gameplay.

Thank you! I am going to find this very handy indeed!