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The theme is SPACE! 


This is the first annual ScoreSpace game-jam that will run from 9PM Friday October 26th until 9PM on Monday the 29th (PST)

  • This is a new type of game-jam that involves both gamedevs and gamers in the contest.
  • Gamedevs participate in the 72 hour game-jam. After the voting period is over the top 3 games get a prize. Those games are then made an announcement video that is uploaded to YouTube.
  • When the video is uploaded is also when the 72 hour timer starts for the Gamers. The goal for the gamers is to get a high score in one of the top 3 games. Once the timer runs out the players with the high score in each of the three games gets a prize. All instructions for the gamers will be included in the video that announces the winners that will be uploaded to our YouTube 


  • The developers that made the top 3 games will be made an announcement video that will be uploaded to the ScoreSpace YouTube.
  • Winners will receive a special discord role in the ScoreSpace discord server
  • The top 3 devs also get to select a prize from our prize pool, with 1st place picking first and so on.


  • All games must include a leaderboard system so that the gamers can compete for the highscore if you happen to win the contest.
  • You can make the game on your own or in a team (of any size). It is suggested to keep your team at a max of four people because it is hard to manage a larger team during a game-jam.
  • All game engines (and frameworks) are allowed!
  • Games that are NSFW should have a warning in the description or when the game first loads up.
  • We suggest that you and your team make everything from scratch during the event. It is okay if you use assets made by someone else as long as you give them credit in the description of your game.
  • All games submitted must be digital games that can be played on Web, Windows, Linux, or Mac.


  • Overall: Your general impression of the game as a whole
  • Gameplay: How did the game flow, did it have tight controls, what was your experience while playing
  • Theme: How well did the entry stick to the theme, did you like their interpretation of it
  • Aesthetics: How well does the game utilize its visual style and how appealing is it
  • Sound: How well does the music and sound contribute to the game 


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An action arcade game for mobile featuring lightning-fast action and rockin' music with a minimalist art style.
Control the skies as a legendary ace pilot!
defend earth from aliens
Space game but not in the space