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Fantastic foundation, feels incomplete. Graphics and sound effects are phenomenal but it needs more work to be a full experience imo, which based on how good it is now, I would highly recommend doing. Some suggestions:

- Include more of an incentive for taking lots of light bulbs at a time since at the moment I can basically just take one at a time and do infinitely better than taking multiple. I would suggest a permanent damage boost or some kind of powerup.

- Include speedy homing enemies or projectiles or just something which stops me from just running away and shooting and winning as a result of repeating this process.

- More offensive options, be that different weapon types, abilities, whatever.

This is a great start and a solid experience  (I love the mechanic of stacking waves on top of each other especially) and I think adding more features would make it a fantastic game. Not saying this all should have been done within the confines of the jam because that would be ridiculous, but I do feel like the game is slightly lacking in depth as a result of being so barren, and I would recommend expanding on it after the jam is over.

I did put a score multiplier for picking up bulbs, but the duration seems to be too less to notice. 

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm glad people are enjoying it. I didn't really plan on building this further, but I think now I will make this into a full game.