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Great job on this! Had a lot of fun playing, very innovative! I like the use of Rigidbodies and Physics, the spring platforms were really cool! I like that the game takes place inside a computer, and that you keep returning to the desktop, that gave a real sense of immersion. The character animations were very impressive! Nice use of particle effects as well!

The game needs music! Find a free procedural generator online such as:

The sound effects were very cool with the exception of the fact that the jump sound was a bit repetitive. Try randomizing the pitch of the sfx or playing one of a few different clips randomly, or try both!

Awesome game!


Thank you for streaming my game! I would have done a lot more with it, but I joined waaay late. I started the project when there was about 24hrs left, and crunched the sounds last minute. Definitely right about the pitch. I had put music in the bugzone, but after trying a few tracks that didn't quite fit the theme, I opted out because I ran out of time. On the  desktop in the game, there is the default music app. Which I had hilarious ideas for, but again, ran out of time. Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it!