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Love the choice of music! And a great idea for a game fitting the theme -- build your own platformer!

The play of the game felt a little unresponsive to me though. I would suggest that when you make animations/controllers you make the character start moving right when the player tries to move. It felt like I was playing in molasses!

Wonderful idea and cute execution.

Review my game in turn!

I'll absolutely check out your game! In fact, we'll be playing it on our Twitch channel along with others from the jam starting tonight :)

I had a few different people test the game during development, and some of them had problems with the controls not being responsive, while others had no issue. I'm wondering if it may be a result of the way Unity's Update functions work (physics, time, frame rate, etc.), and me not setting it up correctly to account for different systems :/

That said, I'm glad you enjoyed the idea! Thanks for checking it out :)