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Okay, the setting and story are fairly original. I like how the stats are distributed between the species, although agreeing on what stat represents what action could get a little iffy. I laughed when I read the Chyrek ability, because it's basically dark all the time, right? Still, cool stuff all around.

I'd have to say playing in the dark could get difficult, even if it is a cool idea. Also, I'm not prepared to go out and buy X number of glow in the dark anything, even if it is a cheap ceiling sticker set that I cut apart carefully. However, I like all of this. The idea is great, even if the difficulty is pricey. No one said surviving would be easy!


Thanks for checking this out! It's my first time posting an RPG, and I don't really have a group I was able to playtest this with, so any feedback is appreciated.

A lot of dollar stores have bags of plastic glow-in-the-dark stones for around $3-5. I'll admit it isn't the most common material to find. Mechanically you could use anything and play in the light, but I thought playing in the dark was neat thematically.

Originally I had hard attribute bonuses for each group of remnants, but I decided to make their abilities softer and more story-based.

It's dark in the wasteland, making the Chyrek ability a bit OP, but the Chyrek become vulnerable any time people are nearby, who might have infrared equipment or artificial lamps. They make good scouts, but need to keep hidden in settlements.

And yeah, this is an RPG that expects plenty of character death, the world is over, some people are just late.