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This sounds exactly like I'm watching people from the B-Arc in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy try to operate the ship with their limited knowledge of hairstyles or bureaucratic methods. None of them will understand a user's manual, and the scientist is outnumbered two-to-one every five people involved. And of course there will be a "democratic" vote on decisions. Haha! This will play out so poorly for those saps. Oh, man! I love it. Even the complete randomness; it's like they're just flipping switches in hopes of getting something working properly. This is hilarious! Great job!

Looking again, what happened to the trained crew!? Oh noes!


Thanks for the kinds words nikomaru! The setup was indeed crafted to elicit the kind of chaos you're describing, and it's exactly what I'd expect to unfurl from such varied personalities being left in charge of something so complicated and important!