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Hey, so far I only played the 1.0 web version and was alone, so take that into consideration. Two bugs first off: My sound didn't load until I was maybe 15 seconds into game. Secondly, after the game, the Quit button just froze the webpage and I had to manually X out of it.

Okay, onto the game itself. Great presentation on display here. I have a lot of specific ideas for where this could go and what I'd like to see out of it, here they come. What I want specifically, is to be Legolas in this game. I think the right mouse should give the option to switch between Bow and Sword and you can ditch the distinction between the two types, giving the player something to do when the mobs aren't nearby. I think the player's sword attacks should be a little cooler than the mobs, maybe a 1-2-3 swing where the third one can cleave a bunch of these suckers. There could be cover to hide from the archers, which could have better accuracy, perhaps some ruins or something.

There should be an incentive to storm the castle, right now its too dangerous - its better to just chill in the desert and let these fools roll up to die. I like the idea of a King mentioned below. I was thinking some kind of structures that the enemies spawn out of, and if you get there, you can destroy them, or they put up a white flag or something. Also, when the player respawns, it should wipe out all the mooks nearby, sometimes I spawned and died instantly because I was surrounded.

You obviously know what you're doing as a dev. Keep this going, add some unique elements, and you're on to something that regular casual players are going to want to play. Well done.

Thank you for your specific advice!

I am not familiar with Legolas, I searched for Legolas videos on youtube, and now I really want to add a Legolas role!
I thought at first that if the character can use multiple attacks, it is not enough SPAM. But I think your suggestion will make the game very fun!
If this game continues to develop, I will actively consider these suggestions!

In the end, I am actually the role of the game developer. It is not enough experience as a game designer. I am surprised that you found this :)