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Really liked the game! Music and graphics fit nicely contrasting with the serious matter that's nuclear war. Once you get the game it gets too easy, but that's fine.

I'm also glad to see more Godot games!

Thanks and keep the good work!

Thanks! That's great to hear - the style and music was very intentional, so it's especially good to hear feedback on it.  And also, we were worried about the difficulty balance, with so little time to test it - I think we were worried it was too hard (there's an OK ending and a better ending). 


Oh, noes! Two endings? Now I need to get back and get both!

The special victory is slightly bugged in this  release unfortunately. I know how to fix it but I'll have to wait until after the vote to be fair. We wanted it to be a kind of secret ending players could discover if they wanted more of a challenge - if you survive and destroy all your enemies before the World Population reaches Critical (under 1 billion), the special blue Triumphant message should appear (with fresh pie). However, I must have mucked it up fixing another bug in the minutes before release and we didn't notice it in time. So it goes. For now, I guess you'll have to use your imagination. I am glad to hear you enjoyed it!

The good part of FOSS is that I can check the original source code, open it on Godot, and have a look at it.

Anyway, thanks for the game!