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0.1 second record!?  Wow, so fast!  ;)

Thanks! That's great to hear - the style and music was very intentional, so it's especially good to hear feedback on it.  And also, we were worried about the difficulty balance, with so little time to test it - I think we were worried it was too hard (there's an OK ending and a better ending). 

The pitch of the plop! Ah! Now I see! Plus, that exact phrase should definitely be used in some hypothetical instructions.  :)

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I entered as "whoadoodle" several times too, but those didn't show up.  The networking feature super cool, I was impressed by it.  I was thinking "no way this leaderboard is networked..."

Yeah, I'm proud of that time. But anyone could do it, I kind of found a trick that makes the game much more doable.

Super cool.  The moving inputs seems a bit clumsy and inconsistent, like sometimes I could get the player to move quickly, but mostly "spamming" forward doesn't do a thing to move you faster. Maybe I was missing something?

It seems my high scores weren't being recorded, maybe because I was using a username with more than 9 characters.  Otherwise, I agree with the other comment.  I'm surprised how much I enjoyed this game.

Didn't achieve win state when I got 4 in row with red, then 4 in row with blue won the game.  Bug?

Controls?  Can't get game to start (windows)