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I wanted to buy it now with paypal, but it says you do not accept paypal payments right now. Is that true?

That's really weird, it should definitely let you use PayPal.. I've double-checked my Seller Settings and it's set up to take PayPal payments, so it might be a problem on either itch or PP's side at the moment? :<


Okay, I'll try for a while then. Thank you so much Caz! You're awesome! n_n

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Um..Now I don't even see PayPal as a pay option. I have no idea what's going on... But there isn't Paypal option on other creators pages, too, so I think it's a Paypal or breakdown, then.

Yeah I think it's a problem between itch and Paypal. Another friend who uses itch was posting what happens when they try to use Paypal, and they're having issues too.. :S Hopefully it's something they get fixed soon! 

Ah! Just found a thread about it on itch's community board too. Seems like they're looking into it! :D

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Oh, thank you. I was afraid that's on "my site".