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As a long-time strategy fan, this game is a minimalistic boil down of a big strategy title, that contains the essence of a 4X strategy game without the clutter. No need to forcefully learn predetermined developer decisions on game progression - intuitive and thoughtful.

Thanks a lot, appreciated!


I would respectfully disagree since the battles are based on RNG and RNGod has a special place in hell for me... one involving me being beaten 99 times in a hundred when the odds are in my favour 99 to 100.

Three battles in one turn: one enemy infantry with one infantry support and maybe an artillary support attacks and kills my one infantary with four infantary support and one artillary support, another enemy infantry attacks with one infantry support and kills my one infatary that has two infantary support and two artillary support, finally an enemy calavry with no support attacks one of my cavalry that is supported by two calvary and two artillary and destroys it. (I should note that all of these play out in open ground). My own attacks on one enemy infantry with no support by an infantryman with four infantry support and one artillary support (yes, the enemy was surrounded) died, not retreat but died (as with all the rest) and my calvary attack with the support of three infantry and two artillary against an enemy infantry (who had no support) led to my demise.

Really games need to admit up front that the stats are no worth anything because it is up to the RNSatan - to call this game tatical is to call Risk tactical... it's not, there is only strategy and if you, like me, suffer terrible RNG then forget it.

Call me superstitious if you like but my boardgame friends always pick a dice game at some point so that I can lose for once... weirdly card games are generally don't cause the same thing but that's probably because most include good strategies and tactics for most hands and RNSatan can't be too obvious...

So... good strategic game for the average player, but tactical is pushing it given at the start most battles are going to be a coin toss and later tactics have little to do with murdering thousands on the battlefield.

I note someone more recently said that they have cavalry infront of infantry infront of artillary... this might be good for defense as far as the numbers go but it doesn't work for attack unless you're flanking. And in reality, it was an attack formation and infantry was used for defense... so I feel like that kinda breaks the "intuitiveness" of the whole thing... but who needs realism in games, especially when RNG is a bigger factor than another else in the game!

I'm sorry about the above, I just got very frustrated not understanding why I was being battled to a standstill by so few units when I should have had overwhelming advantage, even scouting with calvary I didn't find almost any artilary (which I then tried to kill and died) and I just didn't understand how the numbers were working at all (the icons are also deceptive as they seem to refer to a time period when the balance between units was not the one that the game has).

Overall I had a bad experience and that was more down to expectations and lack of understanding than the game itself... it's a pity that I had been given those expectations by the game but there we go... game dev is what people are learning on itch so I should expect this sort of thing as standard.