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A bullet hell mixed with a rhythm game is a really cool idea, and I liked the implementation of maneuvering around the source of everything. I really like look of a black background with bright colors to easily differentiate everything.

One of the bullet patterns was seemingly impossible to avoid. I didn't quite understand how the bullets worked, so I just shot randomly until enough ricochet hit the boss to beat it.

That makes sense =P  Yeah, the patterns were something that definitely were needing improvement.  We ran into a big time bottleneck IRL so we only got the bare bones finished and not a lot of the polish.  I'm definitely interested in keeping with this idea and I'll keep in mind of the feedback we get.  Thanks for playing !


In your video playing my game, you mentioned whenever someone says they made their game in 24 hours it's better than yours. I think it was only true this time, because of the state of your game. With a bit more polish it'd be better than mine.

I've only done 2 attempts at trying to beat the boss here. But, for some reason my bullets stopped working, and idk if that's a bug, or I missed something or what was happening. Also, as AiriKarin said. One of the bullet patterns did seem almost impossible to avoid. The thing is shooting out its flowery/spiraly kind of thing, and then starts shooting the more targeting beam type thingys. You have to move to dodge the things that kind of target you, and it makes you run right into the normal spiral pattern. It was tough.

Overall, I like the game though. I want to make my own bullet hell at some point. It didn't even cross my mind to try one for a music themed game jam.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! THere is an ammo system, so you have limited bullets.  I agree, we needed more dev time for this but our schedules just exploded until the very end of the jam.  I'm still interested in expanding this game, however, so I'm appreciative of any feedback received!

Thanks for playing =D