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Thanks for the answer) And now I have another bug for you.

My actions: start as sea creature; complete first level with 41 total nutrition by destroying some green blobs after the message "stage clear" (good job on the message and weakened whirlpools by the way, feels much better than forced whirlpools). As soon as i start second level (boss) I hit space to redesign my creature but instead I see title screen. I pick "continue" and instead of 1st boss I get into this abyssal empty level with nothing but darkness in all directions. Can't find player logs on windows, no idea where it is.

Edit: could not reproduce the bug by doing the same, might be a rare exception rather than stable error.

Nice report. Do you play in browser or in downloaded version? Do you click "Dive" using mouse or Enter key? Has this ever happened on first playthrough (in comparison to happening only after dying/manually starting new game)?

This is something that has been reported but has been very elusive to repeat, we are looking for more info to dig in. My first hunch tell me that it has something to do with UI because Space key is the one that activates selected UI element.

Thanks. I play downloaded dd24 version on windows, usually mouse-click on the dive button or let it fill up on its own; but always use spacebar to enter edit mode. The problem only happened once and it was a new game without tutorial, but not first playthrough. The whole void zone happened as I clicked continue after that bugged main menu exit. I hope this info helps.

Thank you for info. It will help us to dig it down.