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Awesome game,  the visuals are super cool, real time lighting is awesome. Really like the fact that there different characters to unlock with different attacks. Also the infinite jump felt like quite a clever feature to me.

Wow thanks for making a video! I'm actually working on a proper sequel in my spare time! Progress example:

Woah that looks cool! Can't wait to see how it evolves.

Hey great work on the current version. I love the slashchicken and the Mother Russia bug. I have a few questions tho. Are the extra blocks that are in the way of your progress apart of the game and im just really stupid, or is it a bug in the random generator? I'm very happy with your work and I hope you keep working on this. Thanks!

hey thanks! It's actually a bug in the generator. :( 

However if I remember correctly, you can destroy (and create) blocks with the mouse. It's a little debug thing I forgot to remove. But for thjs situation it's quite helpful! 

Thx for responding. I actually want to try what u said. Maybe it could be an idea for puzzles in your latest work. Thx again for responding.