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Feels like if Titanfall's Pilots had access to their Titan's deflect ability.

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Also, the mustaches sound like Waluigi saying "Wahhh!".

Also, this is an apocalypse; things are going to look a little "rust-ic", if you can mind the pun.

Yeh I think it's much brighter; really spruces up the environment. Also, thank you for making the game =)

The GIF's graphic design is MUCH better than the prototype's.  Love the game and I will be watching further development and updates.

I like the heavy bullets-esque design.

Thx for responding. I actually want to try what u said. Maybe it could be an idea for puzzles in your latest work. Thx again for responding.

Hey great work on the current version. I love the slashchicken and the Mother Russia bug. I have a few questions tho. Are the extra blocks that are in the way of your progress apart of the game and im just really stupid, or is it a bug in the random generator? I'm very happy with your work and I hope you keep working on this. Thanks!

Make this an actual game. I like the twisty maze thing where you would think you're going the "right" way but then it reveals another path. Please make this an actual puzzle game.

THANKS! I didn't even think you'd respond, but YOU DID! Thx for the info. I'll be checking on your progress then, if this trully is only a 1/100 part of the full game.

Is it done yet?

Just wondering if your still developing.

Like the title, I am in appreciation what you are doing. I just want to shoutout to the dev and tell him/her to keep doing what they're doing cuz this is AMAZING! Thanks, pal. Thanks.

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Hey. I haven't seen much updates on this so I was just wondering if you could let me know if you are. I really want this game to succeed and maybe a few ideas of mine you can steal.

Ahem. 1) Multiplayer. Gamemode where Fog-of-war takes place and it can be like Blues v.s. Oranges. Also, you can make it kinda like quake if you put weapon spawns in an arena-esque format.

2) Map creator. We can make multiplayer maps and singleplayer maps, kinda like Forge Mode.

3) Optimization. I have a pretty shitty computer, so I think it would be fair if you'd make a setting where it just lowers all graphics in favor of performance. Not alot of games/devs do that nowadays and I'd appretiate it if my efforts here could go without being ignored. Thank you for all of your hardwork and I hope to see this game become more popular than Fortnut and CSPOO. =)

Note: BTW, my comp is a Win 10 with a 64-bit moniter and 3.sumthin GB RAM with an AMD Quad-Core E2-7110 APU and 500 GB hard drive. TBH, not a GREAT comp, but its a laptop i use sometimes when i feel like playin ma games.

hey this probably the most difficult game I have ever played besides dark souls and and any game my computer decides is too graphic (by the way, this game is certainly not one of them). It may be the most addicting game I've played, and I've played Flappy Bird. I cannot stress how good this game is, gameplay-wise, and I definitely recommend anyone with a taste for cod zombies and first person shooters to play this game.

9.25/10 good game. needs more game modes and multiplayer. P.S can u add a "be the infected" mode and plz tell me how to buy guns/earn currency?