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hey this probably the most difficult game I have ever played besides dark souls and and any game my computer decides is too graphic (by the way, this game is certainly not one of them). It may be the most addicting game I've played, and I've played Flappy Bird. I cannot stress how good this game is, gameplay-wise, and I definitely recommend anyone with a taste for cod zombies and first person shooters to play this game.

9.25/10 good game. needs more game modes and multiplayer. P.S can u add a "be the infected" mode and plz tell me how to buy guns/earn currency?

Hey! We're glad that you're enjoying the game. We would really appreciate it if you rated it! :D

The game modes you suggested sound awesome! If we receive a lot of support for this game then we will certainly work on those modes! So, feel free to share this website with your friends :) 

You can purchase guns by walking near a weapon and pressing "F." By shooting the undead you will earn points. You also earn points by saving citizens each night. So try to keep your citizens alive throughout the day/night!