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Hi, awh thank you for the comment,

Sadly, I'm not familliar with citrix, I can't really help you on that one, I'd send your a refund, but I believe for that you need to ask itch itself =/

Well, I've been making monthly games for a while now, but at first they were paid games. I only recently decided to change my approach to this free/open source approach. So Ho-K is the first, but my real first monthly game was  Quiet Maple :)

Ho-K on it's own is a one off game, but every month I'll post another small game like this. Not too sure for how long, let's aim for a year and we'll see after that :) Also glad you liked it!

Glad you like it, yeah I'll try to cook some local multiplayer for next week :)

Congrats! :D and yeah, it's obviously just a small game to test some stuff. I'm thinking of adding multiplayer, local and eventually online too maybe. Hopefully that gives it a bit more "oomph" :)

Sadly no, I do not have a demo for this game as it's a pretty short game.

You mean, do I have a demo of that game?

Hey Tchey, first of all I'm glad you enjoyed Agitate. also thanks for the kind words, but I do understand how you feel.

Currently I'm releasing a new game each month, mainly as a test to improve myself and at the same time see what people like and dislike. My "Model" still isn't perfect and I'm always thinking about ways to improve it.

I am though planning on a bigger project which I'll talk about real soon, so maybe keep an eye out for that :)

Yeah, the game is definitely too hard at the moment, going to try to make it a bit easier in the upcoming week. Thanks for playing ! :D

Pretty cool game, seeing heads fly all over the place is always entertaining :D

For an early version this looks quite promising, the visuals and characters model are nice and the general feeling of the gameplay is great, the bow felt awesome (and I must say, decapiting someone with an arrow, even though absurd, is awesome)

In futur updates I'd like to see a bit more dynamic combats (maybe give a penalty for blocking, and make ais try to go around, maybe dodges,etc...)

I think the strong point of this game is that it focuses on arena battles, and I think there's really something great there, if you can capture that kind of atmosphere, like the crowd cheering, boohing , the music and all. The crowd reacting to what the player does could be a big plus like "Come on, finish him!"

Can't wait to see how it'll evolve!

Love the general concept of this :D playing the character inside the robot is a mechanic I love. Also the art and music are so cool, I guess there could have been a bit mor variety in the map and building wise, but at the same time it gives that old super generic movie feeling kind of thing. Anyway I loved this, keep up the good work! 

You guys are the best!


Couterbalance is a mashup of the classic Tetris that everyone knows about but with a twist of city building.  Each blocks have little structures on them that will help you grow your city, either by making more food, increasing your power output, giving more citizens,etc...

Test your skills by building the highest and most populated cities in 5 different maps using 35 different blocks!

Meet the Dev:

Hey I'm Tay, a solo game developers who tries a bunch of stuff other devs don't have time for. I release a new game every month and I talk about the creation process as well as how each one is received, where the traffic comes from, how much revenue it does,etc... Basically I'm like a mad gamedev scientist, trying to assist other devs in their awesome journeys !


Game Page :
Follow me on Twitter :

You can also support me on Patreon to get all my games, post-mortems,analysis,etc... :

Woah that looks cool! Can't wait to see how it evolves.

Awesome game,  the visuals are super cool, real time lighting is awesome. Really like the fact that there different characters to unlock with different attacks. Also the infinite jump felt like quite a clever feature to me.

Made a short gameplay / review thing, awesome game the visuals are truly impressive, any chance you expand on this idea?

Really fun concept, the visual style is beautiful. Only is that with the ship movement and shooting squeezing and everything it seemed a bit weird to dodge bullets ? like some I thought wouldn't touch me and they did, but it's not a big deal. Also in some rare condition enemies seemed to go trough the chain? Awesome game though :D

Pretty fun little game, the characters are super cute and it's nice that you took the time to make walk cycles even in 72h. It's a bit hard, mainly since you're stuck in a room and can't do much except run around. But still really fun! Loved the mouse to move, different then a,w,s,d.

Pretty fun game, the difficulty increase feels great. The throwing is a bit hard to do correctly, I ended up just standing on the house and throwing it (could maybe put like a fence around to prevent that) But that aside, really fun game!

Really fun game, its sad that it's so short though. The game as amazing graphics
and music, both giving a nice retro feel to the game. The different types
of enemies also make the game entertaining and challenging enough.
My only real complaint would be that this game would need an endless mode:
get the highest score you can before dying., but that aside, this is really fun!

I played a couple games by CozyGamePals, really starting to be a fan.
This one, being so short and so simple, was really fun.
I especially liked how the different levels made like a small story 
and the ending was just so funny, and kinda weird.
It's really not a challenging game, but funny and entertaining game :D

For a game made during Ludum Dare this is quite impressive. It's not too long but still fun.
I really liked the mechanics of the game, even though I found myself usign the hook way more then the shovel. I think the way you can move the world around is really interesting and I'd really like to see a bigger, more fleshed out game maybe use this as  a side mechanic. Nonetheless had a great time and can't wait to see what comes next.

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Had a ton of fun playing this. Really like the artstyle, and I think adding a jet pack and having the game take place in an open space made it quite different from super crate box. Having an online leaderboard would be pretty cool, but this was a ton of fun.

Yeah the rock dudes, small and the big one are kind of slow which is really annoying since you control all troops at the same time, but I guess they have their use. I also think that more ranged units, archers or wizards could be cool, but I don't think the devs are still working on this, or planning any sort of update, I may be mistaken though.

Oh really, I can't wait to see what you'll come up with. I really enjoyed playing Myst so I'm definitely going to play it again :)

I already player Jump Doper so I decide to give this game a try.
I really liked it, the control and gameplay mechanics are super simple and the artstyle is
just too cute. One thing that I noticed is that both this and Jump Doper could really use
an online leaderboard I think it could be quite fun and maybe makes people want to play more. I also think that this game as really good basics and it's a great idea that could easily get worked on to add more features. Maybe a procedural map could help give a fresh feeling each game. Anyway I had a lot of fun with this, I'll definitely play again.
Keep making games CozyPals you're awesome at it ! :D

I had quite a bit of fun playing this. The main mechanics are quite fun, the combat is intuitive and interesting. The art style is unique and quite eye catching, really like the visual effects. I did saw some problems with the game in it's current state, I know this is still in alpha but here are my thoughts.

-Looking for crystals is quite annoying after a while. Since the map is procedurally
generated and there isn't really specific features. It's hard to remember where
you went and not.
-The "action" part seems a bit slow. This might be fixed in later levels, or with the
dodge. But the character shoots and walks quite slowly. Maybe increasing this
a bit could help.
-When enemies are too close you can't really shoot them and since you walk
quite slowly it's hard to run away from them.

Apart from those things, I had a great time playing this, hope you get trough greenlight!

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Awesome game. Had a ton of fun playing this. I think this game is headed in the right direction, for the content it offers right now, the combat felt intuitive and fun. The enemies were quite different from each other, offering a nice challenge. The only thing this game is missing really is more content, cause it's a ton of fun to play. Hope you're still working on it and planning to add more! :D

That sounds like a really good next step, can't wait to see it ! :)

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I've been following the development of Swords & Shadows for a little while and I'm really happy to now be able to play the pre-alpha. I had a ton of fun playing this, I think that for a small demo this turned out really well. I haven't encountered any weird bugs either which is a good sign. The combat was fun and engaging, the camera controls very well, the procedural generation did a great job, generation quite different caves each time. Obviously this is lacking content but for now I think the heart of the game is great and 8-bit Ape really created asolid foundation. I love the low poly style and I would see this becaming a bigger and sucsesful game, with more enemies, attack paterns, different attacks (maybe more weapons, adding a sort of dark souls feels to it). I'm not 100% sure what 8-bit Ape is expecting to do with this project but I'm really looking forward to it.

You can see a bit of my gameplay down below, a tully great game :)

I had a ton of fun playing Treasures Of Grinda, the art is great really gives it a retro feeling. The music was good too as well as sound effects(even if some are missing). The heart of the game is great, I think the level design was great, makes it look really promising. There's a bunch of really small issues but all of those are really easy fixes (Collision issues, jump, visual glitch, music not looping) But once
all of those are fixed this is going to be great, good job and keep up the good work!

This game is awesome, I really like it. The gameplay is super simple, press to jump, but I think that the slicing adds a lot to this game, seeing cacti get sliced as well as bottles and cars is somewhat really satisfying. I think the artsyle fits well with the simple gameplay as for the chosen soundtracks they add a lot to the game, especially the one you hear after the 80th jump. Really gives it a "Rocky" feeling ahah. I definitely recommend this game.

I managed to get to 105 jumps, I really had a nice time.

I really enjoyed this game, for a game made in 48 hours this is quite impressive.
the fact that you had to discover the tiles as you went along was really entertaining
at first, but I think the fact that the map is for the most part static is hurting the game abit, after 2-3 times playing it you now where the important stuff is. But I think the main idea is quite promising, I hope you'll continue to improve this project, as it could really benefit just being polished a bit.
Here's a bit of my gameplay experience:

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Right Click To Necromance is a really fun little game.
It's really easy to play and intuitive, the graphics are simple but match the game really well. I really like the fact that they took the time to create different units to this game, makes it a lot more enjoyable to play. It would be really nice to have a full version of this :D
You can watch a bit of my gameplay below (I encountered a weird bug at the end)

I had a ton of fun playing Myst.
The artstyle is really beautiful and really match the rest of the game,
also the ambient sound made the game quite immersive for a 2D indie game.
The gameplay was really fun and straightforward which I really liked.
I'd really like to see a full/bigger version of this with a bit more to it.
At some moment the spawn rate of runes felt a bit unfair (drying no matter how
good the player is because you don't get a yellow rune) but that aside it was
really enjoyable.

Here's a small part of my gameplay experience :)

Oh man I can't wait, that looks so cool! :)

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City Clickers is amazing. I usually don't play a lot of city management game but I really like this one. I got a bit of a hard time to get started but I think I learned a lot and I'm on the right track, I managed to create a really small town that doesn't loose money each day ahah. I really love the artstyle and can't wait to play more and see what this game becomes, I think it looks really promising :D

You can see the start of my small town below.

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I really enjoyed playing Tracks I think it's a really fun and relaxing game. Even if there's no goal I found myself having a ton of fun just building different circuits and looking at my little train going around them. I also think that adding the furniture was a great idea.
I really want to see how it this game will evolve and think it's really off to a great start.

Here's somethings I'd like to see in the future :

- Collisions

- Furniture could be a bit like the Sims so we could create our own environment.

- Some other "blocks" maybe like elevators or rotating platforms... ( a bit more variety)