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How about 2 player co-op like on the NES version, makes it so much fun playing with my kid? probably too much to ask :) in a game that is already made so perfect, it really needed a great port which it now have, thanks to you guys!

Keep up the great work

Thanks! I wanted it to play like NES but it ended playing more like Commodore 64 one (which is brutal). As I've watched people playing it on live stream and YouTube today and getting destroyed. I may adjust enemy attack frequencies and other parameters. What's on the cards is the NES extra levels: it's a longer, more in-depth game. Thank you again for playing!

Hi. You should first of all fix bugs and collision with enemies. The arcade game was difficult, but a little more tolerant when enemies were hitting the hero: he could hit them with his knife and have his life saved. Many times in your port I had the feeling I was killed with no reason by a enemy.

Moreover, I also noticed sometimes grenades launched by the guy at half of level 1 just hit the hero with no conseguences (no collision detected), and it happened that I was killed by a soldier at the end of level 1 just to gain access (with animation too) to level 2 when I restarted.

Here at italian Zzap! we decided to wait for your action, before reviewing the game, because we felt it's better, even though we'd really have liked to publish its review on incoming issue #4. 

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Thanks for holding review, I know what you mean and took action. I did a special version of Green Beret, with the following fixes:

- knife now is instant frame (like C64 and NES) instead of an animation.  That seems simple but will create a huge difference. 

- Adjusted hitboxes, so hero could hit with knife further and faster.

- enemies out of the back of the truck didn't spawn right on top of you, there's ~2seconds time for you to reposition and move away from the back of the truck.

You can get it in the link below:


I also sent a version with many other fixes during the night (had very few hours of sleep, I'm very tired). But I'm sending the adf with some of your feedback here, separated, to avoid messing with the GameJam that GB joined. And yes, the enemy grenades are very forgiving as adjust too as the game was becoming way too hard.

Also, try for now in unaccelerated Amiga models, accelerated Amiga models apparently are causing glitches with timing. You might be surprised at how more forgiving the game is in the A500/A600! For example this YouTuber (A500 gameplay). See how it went well generally. Acceleration might be a game engine issue that needs further investigation. Thanks again!

Hi, I am quite sure I have tried the "GreenBeretAMIGA.adf" already. :-)

On a emulated stock A1200, though.

BTW: there are still some weird quirks here and there. For instance: why is there the intro jingle when the game starts, and not the GAME OVER one when the play ends?

Hi, but did you tried GreenBeretAMIGA_Zzap.adf ?

I did edited the post with a link for it as I uploaded it on my drive. It features instant knife (C64, NES) and other fixes following your feedback, to make it more fair play. I'm trying my best as it's my first game released on Amiga.

Jingles: the musician, DJ Metune, is very talented but has a lot going on in his family right now, has 5 kids etc so he was not able to deliver the whole soundtrack yet, that's why you see missing jingles here and there (stage clear/guy jumping fence too). Have in mind, that this is done with very good will and at cost of getting away from family and friends, but in the end, you cannot expect "Konami professional studio quality" solid release at first. We do what we can under the restrict time and resources we had.

The Scorpion Engine is also experimental and getting improved as we go, it is not a finished game engine yet. But remember that a couple years ago a game like this done with an authoring engine would have required something like 030/FastRAM to run like this, instead of just A500 or A600.

Lastly, I bet with you that if this was released back then on the Amiga by the usual suspects it would have been:

- running at choppy 12 frames per second scrolling

- washed out and muted ST (port) color palette

- no extra button options on controllers

- no music and sound effects at same time. :)

So, you're lucky that you not only something much better than all that for free, you have the chance to talk directly to the developer, ask for feedback, and the developer does a special version of the game with fixes for you! ;)   Thanks for your feedback!

Hi! Wow, a personalized new version of the game, thank you! :-) No, I hadn't tried this already, just the _AMIGA.adf version, now I am downloading "our" one right now! 

And yes, I agree: if GB was ported by the 'usual suspects' in the 'usual times' it could have been far worse.