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Thanks for fastfill version, so enjoying it with my kid, really appreciate it!

How about 2 player co-op like on the NES version, makes it so much fun playing with my kid? probably too much to ask :) in a game that is already made so perfect, it really needed a great port which it now have, thanks to you guys!

Keep up the great work

Thank you for adding 2 player, my kid and me, there's no stopping, now the best game ever, just got even better, I only have praise to say for this game, making it more addicting than ever 

Just perfect so love it, thank you very much!

Been away for a while, just saw 2 player support was added in this game, also from my kid, I love it dad he says, we both appreciate your hard work and such a great way introduce Amiga for him

Just almost perfect, everything have a real feal from the arcade version, wish the Galaga player spacecraft looked a little more like the real deal, but hey it's just a 64 right?

I never thought I would see the day this come true

Thanks again for making such a great game, come to life on one of my favorite puters of all time

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I am having a hard time using 2 joysticks on this game, does it not support that when play 2 player?

Thank you, for otherwise a great game, love Amiga

Regards Remi

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Thanks for try and help out, I was reinstalling all my itch games (upgrading OS new install)  in the player, funny thing when it came to your great game no matter what, it would not download any only if I opened your page in a browser. Somehow after a while I tryed switch my ISP since I have 2 lines and then smile it worked. Once again thanks finally I can enjoy your great game in the Itch application, I think one of my ISP's are having a real bad day :)  Platform: Windows 8.1

Please fix downloading this game inside the Itch app since I can only download through this page using a browser, I would prefer download it using the Itch app but it fails downloading. Otherwise thanks for a great game lots of fun. Regards :)