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If you still wish to give it a try, here is the non-laggy version of the game:
Sorry for the trouble =/


No problem :)

I tried it and it is really hard to control (and I had a bug after two keys(?) at the pit where the level just refused to move).

It is a really cool idea! The controls are REALLY hard to.. well.. control. A big problem that I'm seeing is that once you've done a wrong move and "lost the box", it's really hard to find it. And even if you know where it is, once you move toward that direction the box moves to that direction as well, causing a chase.

I think it's one of the "better on paper" ideas, but I REALLY LOVED having the chance of trying it out, especially because you made it look and sound so lovely (:

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Again, thank you for playing and replaying!
As future work, we're going to implement a camera recenter (only camera movement, not the world) after 1/2 seconds of not clicking the screen. Do you think that would help?

It might do the trick (: