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Good stuff, thanks for reporting!

Bug 1: We have noted that, but haven't found a way to consistently reproduce.

Bug 2: I'm not sure I understand the issue correctly, but there are some problems with Zooids that are to be regrown and moving existing zooids. Future versions should remove Zooid ghosts if existing Zooids get moved around.

Bug 3: I'm guessing that's issue with continuing the game. We have that fix.

Bug 4: Does that happen on continuing the game?

Bug 5: This one is interesting. Could you tell us more on how could we reproduce this bug?


Bug 4: Yes.

Bug 5:  Im not sure. For example, I have a big creature, and I noticed that It is non-metric. I tried to replase zooid, but then it become black (In editor). Game thought that that zooids was disconected.

And what do you think about difficults? Will you add It? And new types?

Bug in my PC: I start up the .Zip file, then i get assfucked by 'Unitywebplayer.dll is nonexistent in your machine' or something along those lines.

When it clearly exists!

Maybe you still have a On-Browser version of the game. if you do, reply to me with the link!

I think i'm spamming. Or am i?


Hey, thanks for interest in playing Sipho!

Let's make sure you are able to. Have you extracted files from downloaded .zip?

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Oh i downloaded it yesterday and tried copying the Unity .dll

also this is what the error looks like

im on Windows 9, and BTW the error looks so real i tried to click it but nothing happened xD

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also i'm playing on the Demo

the Free Demo


Just to be sure, have you tried extracting all files from the zip? Like right click on the zip file and select "Extract ..."


I have extracted EVERYTHING from the .zip into my desktop, and it works! Thanks