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Sipho community · Replied to Dominas in Bugs

Bug 4: Yes.

Bug 5:  Im not sure. For example, I have a big creature, and I noticed that It is non-metric. I tried to replase zooid, but then it become black (In editor). Game thought that that zooids was disconected.

And what do you think about difficults? Will you add It? And new types?

Sipho community · Created a new topic Bugs

There are a couple of disgusting bugs I founded.

I use Linux. Played in browser.

Bug 1: Sometimes player siphonosomething start to move in random direction like if I pressed button.

Bugs in building:

Bug 2: Sometimes zooids replasing automatly to previous posicion after replasing.

Bug 3: Sometimes zooids do not spawn. But nutrion is taken away.

Bug 4: Sometimes zooids spawn in incorect position.

Bug 5: Sometimes zooids become like it is enemy dead zooids after plasing.

Its all I found yet.

I was using... Um... I forgot its name, It is blue creatures that live in the first location. At third boss I was fast-turbing creature with two claws that plased near close to each other and they are under such a slope that they form "one big claw" that deal 8 damage per bite. I at first seemed to be holding on, but then smal creatures sucked off a piece of body and I remained disabled. I removed everything else in the editor and just made myself a fast creature. But the boss did not completely surround me, the walls still had a gap between the walls of the boss and the walls of the level. I thus swam for the boss and killed him. But the game stopped and I restarted it. At the same time, the new Zoid, which I did not collect, disappeared, like everything else.

And I noticed a bug, when restarting the game, all the zooids restore their health.

Sipho community · Created a new topic Imbalance

So, let's be honest: this game is not difficult. It is without balance.

For example, even if the player wins the third boss, he will lose many parts and the nutrion. And he goes on a small cuttlefish on the fourth chapter ... And there monsters three times larger than him. Moreover, the transitional moment has a lot of Advena and Unknown. And this is just an ideal combination for destroying the player. They not only do not fight almost with each other, so also, Advena has a powerful weapon that simply destroys everything that she stumbles upon. They inflicted me 8 damage per blow (is this normal?). And Unknown at that time likes to stun all the zuidies of the approach and suck so that then try to escape. I have no idea how you can survive there without Flacks.

Sipho community · Created a new topic Hard!

This game is preety good, but can you make easy mode or somthing else? This game is too hard, I cannot beat third boss, because my creature are too weak, And 100 nutrion is too little to have time to develop. And I want sandbox mode, it will be usefull to many people, to learn tactic etc.