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Doesn't look like Issues are enabled on the github repo.  I saw these in the web demo but thought maybe it was just a browser thing:

Recording inputs doesn't seem to work.  I record a couple jumps with a mouse click and then try to playback and nothing happens.  I've also tried recording moving back and forth, same result.

If you press P again after starting playback, you get a crash. (black screen in browser).

Deleted 2 years ago

You record the inputs of each player individually, and in the example, you can only record the inputs of the first player. I guess I didn't make that clear enough.

The crash seems to be something I overlooked, sorry about that!

I'm noticing now that the white ball in my browser quickly walks itself off the screen when I load this page and my normal controller controls player 2 in the browser even though it properly controls player 1 in GMS2.

I did test this in GMS2 before but wasd is mapped to the second player too, along with the mouse click jump so I assumed that was the first player and the white ball was something else.  I also see now that the color of the text corresponds to the ball and only the white text has the record info. Got it!  Thanks for the info.

Also, may I suggest publishing a package with just scr_winput and an example obj_input_controller that can be imported into existing projects?  I just created one for myself but it would probably be useful for others and for updates.

Yeah, I guess should have done that from the beginning for all my libraries lol