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Thanks!! There actually is a secret ending for getting all the penguins under 10 deaths.

If you have encountered a specific glitch you can help by reporting it instead of spamming about it in the comments...

It should be out now!

Yeaaaah I didn't have time to squash those bugs unfortunately, I'll be releasing a post-jam version to fix those issues though.

I'm not sure why that happens on some computers, I can't really replicate it myself so I'm not sure if there's anything I can do to fix it 

Maybe try WASD instead?

I don't remember honestly, just try looking for free 1 bit sprite packs I guess.

Oops sorry for the late reply, I used some free asset packs as reference for the graphics, but didn't end up using any of them directly.

Yes, this game was made for a game jam in 72 hours, unfortunately a few glitches slipped by and I didn't really have the time to fix them.

After some discussion and some requests, we have decided to give people 3 extra days to make their games, which pushes the deadline to the 3rd of November. So you now have 7 days left to finish your game. Think of it as the deadline got reset and you're given another weekend.

We will be marking submissions that were submitted before the original deadline of the jam as early submissions, but other than that there will be no difference if you submit your game before or after the original deadline.

For future game jams we will probably try to make them either much longer or much shorter, since 7 days seem to be this awkward spot where people are having difficulty judging how much time they have on their hands. This is our 2.5th jam, after all, we are still learning I suppose!

That is all, make some killer games kiddos!

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Thanks! Unfortunately I didn't have the time to add an alternate ending, there is so much you can do in 72 hours.

It's up to interpretation :)

well, that's a bunner

GML, as I used GameMaker Studio

I wish I could give you some hint on that but I don't remember the map 100%. Did you check all the holes in the middle layer and all the routes that go up?


Some people on Discord asked for an extension, and after holding a public vote there I decided to give everyone extra 24 hours.

You can still submit your game a day early if you so please, it will show up on your jam page if you do so.

I decided to join with the excuse of getting more familiar with GameMaker Studio 2.3 Beta. I'll try to limit myself to work on the first 3 days of the jam only but who knows.

I will probably need some help with the graphics so if you think you can help hit me up, preferably on Discord.

Yeah by lag I was talking about it running slower.

Thanks for the very helpful feedback

1. Well that's kind of the point here, but I might add a mode that disables that for those who need it in a post-jam version.

2. The tracks all last 20 seconds just like the levels. Are you sure that your game isn't lagging?

3. Didn't have time to add a proper pause menu, sorry.

I'm not sure what exactly the issue with the music is, someone else also told me about it and I don't get it, the music is supposed to last 20 seconds just like the levels. Maybe the game is lagging for you? I might've pushed GameMaker a bit too far lol

I'd like to learn the answer to that as well. I never joined a jam on so idk if there's a way to make the source private only for the judges to view but keep the actual game public.

You're supposed to.... wall jump there. Like, it's not hard.....

What Hypernova said. There was also a bug caused by GameMaker that would allow you to double jump just by holding jump, which was unintentional. I've tried to fix that with a workaround so it should be less confusing now.

We didn't really have much time to tweak the controls. As for losing the game, you can always just restart. I mean the game is really short lol

I'm pretty sure it is.

Thank you. I'm pretty sure that one's solvable


Here's the link if you haven't found it yourself yet:

Actually nevermind I just got someone else saying the same thing, I guess I will have to look more into it LOL

I used GameMaker: Studio for this so unfortunately what I can do to fix the issue is very limited, but I'm still pretty sure that the issue isn't just with higher refresh rate monitors since several others played the games I made with the same engine before. I'm pretty sure that at least one of them would also have a higher refresh rate monitor.

I even found a forum thread someone asking if that would happen and everyone's answer seems to be no:

I don't know why would you have problems with level 3. It's not even  that hard, especially when compared to the rest of the game.

Oh WOW thanks!

Oh damn thanks for the notifying me. I actually have a TV with a higher refresh rate connected to my PC, so I tried the game on it and it seems to run just fine. I've also never heard similar reports from anyone else, so it might have to do with your PC? Either way, I'll make sure to add a V-Sync toggle key to this and all my future games though, just in case.