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not really

Thank you!!

I was out of the city but just checked and yeah, there are 32 skins.

As for the enemy names:

  • UFO
  • Cube
  • Twister (Though initially called "Swirl")
  • Invader

And for the bosses:

  • UFO Boss (I never gave this one a proper name beyond "Boss")
  • Mother Invader

It goes on forever, though at the point where the skins start to repeat it just recycles old content. I actually don't remember how many skins there were though, so you'll have to play the game more to find it out.

Oh, and you're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it.

This is really cute, there isn't much to do unfortunately but it's a charming recreation of the whole Mii system

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This is absolutely amazing.

The subtitles go off-screen for some reason though, which kinda made me miss half the story. It also sucks that we cannot skip the cutscenes, meaning that if we mess up we got a sit through them all over again.

Well, the whole point of the jam is to make a fangame. It's in the name of the jam, it's listed in the description, and it's in the rules.

Sorry but I'll have to disqualify your game.

I'm not very familiar with GameMaker tutorials, sorry.

Yup, correct. If anything there's a rule disallowing direct remakes of games.

How is this a fangame and how does the game fit the theme?

Sorry but I'll have to disqualify the game until you actually make that clear, and add a way to play the game without downloading an external editor.

What is this a fangame of?

What is this a fangame of and how does the game relate to the theme?


What is this a fangame of and how are we supposed to play it?

I guess it would count as a Nintendo DS fangame, so I'd say it would be allowed. It uses the Nintendo DS IP.

You might wanna also join our Discord server and ask there, the link is on the jam page!

I'd say it does, but one of the categories for the public voting is "Theme" and imo not a lot of people would immediately connect "7th generation consoles" with a multiplatform game from the era. The theme is more about specific consoles than the generation as a whole.

Yeah, I'd say so. I mean it is the biggest site of its kind after all. As for the others, I don't even know what those acronyms stand for so I cannot say much.

You can make an original game inspired by another game/franchise, as long as it's not hard to tell what the game is based on. We are very loose with definition of fangames, but we also don't want people to submit regular indie games that got nothing to do with the whole concept of the jam.

For the spiral enemies there is a pattern to figure out, it's just a rather confusing one, but that's on purpose. One thing to keep in mind is that they always spawn in front of you, so once you find the safe spot you can abuse it every time.

As for milking early sectors for points, that is intentional. With later sectors the game gets more difficult, but you also earn points much much faster. Not to mention that the score you earn gets multiplied more sectors you cross, which is also kept track of.

Ignoring the sector 9 boss is also intentional. Defeating bosses give you a lot of points and a shield so there is an incentive to defeat them, but if you really want you can just focus on the rings and skip the sector without even defeating them.

SmartScreen blocks pretty much everything that's not "trusted", so it's essentially a whitelist. Most other indie games you'd download online would get blocked by it as well.

Oops, I added 2 more penguins as the post-jam update but I guess I forgot to update the ending.

And with that, the votes for the MFGG Winter Jam have been closed, and the results of the votes have been announced!

Congratulations to all the winners and I hope you guys all had fun! Below is a Twitter thread we made of all games as well.

See ya at the next jam!

I ended up streaming a majority of the games submitted to the jam. Since there were so many I wasn't able to give detailed feedback on most of them, so it's not exactly a review but here it is!

Thank you everyone for participating! The submissions should be closed now, and I went ahead and removed some of the games that were rule-breaking. We got quite a few games that were either original games, stolen games, or just not proper video games altogether.

If you have had an issue with your submission or if you think that your submission was wrongfully removed please reach out to me on Discord. My DMs are not but I do check the MFGG Discord server frequently. You can also use this thread or the DMs of our Twitter account if that's not an option.

Now begins the voting period, where you can play all the games and vote for your favorites within the next week! You don't have to be a participant to do this, the votes are open for everyone!

It shows as submitted to me now!

Absolutely! You can use any game engine of your choice.

Our 4th fangame jam begins! And the jam's theme is...

Under pressure!

Under pressure how? Is there a time limit? Are we underwater? Well, it's all up to you! As long as it fits the theme in some way you can get creative with how you interpret the theme.

Good luck everyone, you got 5 days left!

Yup! As the FAQ says

"You can make your own, or you can just use ones made by others and that are available to use. You can even use assets from commercial games, we are making fangames after all. 

Just make sure to give proper credit when needed, and state which assets you're using that you do not own."

If you need assets for a 2D Mario fangame specifically, we have a pretty large library of them on our website.