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Purchased, thanks again!

Can we get some more details about what the source code consists of and the requirements to build it please?

Thank you Santa!


Sorry, I should have mentioned double-click.  I meant as an alternative to double-clicking. :)  Don't know if it's cause I'm getting older or what but I sometimes move the mouse when double-clicking, causing it to just slightly move the widget instead of going into the properties.

When a widget is selected with the Widgets tool, is there a hotkey to open the Properties window?  If not, could you add one?  Maybe Space, Enter or Control P or all of them(^p for the menu, Space & Enter as an emulation)?  Thanks!

Great game!  A few unfair/annoying bits: Timers seem to continue running during Game Over, it's not fun when you start the game just to immediately get killed again by an unavoidable shot.  Hit boxes are too big on the back of spears and the back of slow bombs.

I'm noticing now that the white ball in my browser quickly walks itself off the screen when I load this page and my normal controller controls player 2 in the browser even though it properly controls player 1 in GMS2.

I did test this in GMS2 before but wasd is mapped to the second player too, along with the mouse click jump so I assumed that was the first player and the white ball was something else.  I also see now that the color of the text corresponds to the ball and only the white text has the record info. Got it!  Thanks for the info.

Also, may I suggest publishing a package with just scr_winput and an example obj_input_controller that can be imported into existing projects?  I just created one for myself but it would probably be useful for others and for updates.

Doesn't look like Issues are enabled on the github repo.  I saw these in the web demo but thought maybe it was just a browser thing:

Recording inputs doesn't seem to work.  I record a couple jumps with a mouse click and then try to playback and nothing happens.  I've also tried recording moving back and forth, same result.

If you press P again after starting playback, you get a crash. (black screen in browser).

I really love this game, especially the 3D world!  The hook shooter is a great idea.  Sent some support your way because of how how much I've enjoyed playing it.

Any chance of getting a permissive license(MIT, BSD, Apache, CC0, PD, etc.) on it in github?  I'd like to study code and mess with it myself but I don't want to run afoul of your copyright.  If not, no big deal!

I really like this app!  It's perfect for organizing my hobby projects.  I just wish I could re-order items without saving, editing by hand and re-importing.

Nice-to-haves include:

  • Status re-naming(I don't need Submitted or Approved but I could use them for other things, it would be fine if I had to edit the file by hand)
  • Show numbers with percentages, no hover-wait required(It shows an ugly colon all the time but not the number and it's too slow to appear)
  • Multiple project support through normal file use(Just let me double click a project file to open it, then I can store the file in the cloud or a git repo)
  • Sub-items(I could live with tasks as collections if I could re-order)

There also seems to be a tiny issue with hover to fade up.  It shows a slightly blurry text that snaps clear when the fade is done.  This may be a Windows thing or maybe it's doing a cross fade between the two texts with different alphas.  Perhaps it's just a side effect of whatever UI library this is.

Once 2019.3 is released(assuming you're on 2019 for this app), you can use OnDemandRendering to lower the framerate when nothing is going on.

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New version looks great.  Spins a lot of CPU when idle though, I don't know if you can do anything about that with Unity as a base though.  It'd be nice to have a rectangle select to select everything at once for scaling.