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I really like this app!  It's perfect for organizing my hobby projects.  I just wish I could re-order items without saving, editing by hand and re-importing.

Nice-to-haves include:

  • Status re-naming(I don't need Submitted or Approved but I could use them for other things, it would be fine if I had to edit the file by hand)
  • Show numbers with percentages, no hover-wait required(It shows an ugly colon all the time but not the number and it's too slow to appear)
  • Multiple project support through normal file use(Just let me double click a project file to open it, then I can store the file in the cloud or a git repo)
  • Sub-items(I could live with tasks as collections if I could re-order)

There also seems to be a tiny issue with hover to fade up.  It shows a slightly blurry text that snaps clear when the fade is done.  This may be a Windows thing or maybe it's doing a cross fade between the two texts with different alphas.  Perhaps it's just a side effect of whatever UI library this is.