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I played with it a few times, and I made more than 9 million, when get bored and quit the game. Gazillions of drones on the screen, and I get no lag at all, even if I zoomed out as far as I can.  I play it on a laptop with Intel 520 gpu.  (On Linux.)

Some kind of a tooltips or something that explains more, what exactly some of the equipments do, would be very nice.
I can't figure out what the water pumps are doing. If I don't build any, the game seems to run just fine.
What the scanners actually do?
What are those distributors do exactly, how and where they distribute power?

Matter reactor seems to do nothing. Once I build some and stop mining, to see how much money they generate from power,  I stared at the monitor for relative long time, but don't see anything.

What the pavings do? I see that the engineer drones build them automatically if they have nothing else to do, but why?

I have a suggestion, that if you select  something to build, keep it selected, until I choose something else or close the popup menu, or maybe until I right-click with the mouse to "unselect" it. It is very annoying that I always have to navigate back to the bottom with the mouse and click on what I like to build.  I don't build just one thing at a time, even in the very beginning of the game, I always build few generators. This one-by-one building is not good at all! I think there is even a bug, because sometimes it seems not selecting what I want to build; it build distributors, not what I clicked! It is do this randomly, like once when I tried to build several scanners to see what they doing, some of they somehow become distributors. There is no way that I missed the click, they are too far from each other!

And...well...the game seems to be a very-very pre-alpha something. Or at least, not much to do in it, and almost zero the challenge factor at this point. What I mean is that, when first started to play with the game, and figured out (or maybe doesn't even have to figure out anything, because it is so obvious) the coloured things are considered the ores or gems (you get the most money mining them) the light brown is the "dirt" (they mined fast, not much money in them) and the dark ones are the "rocks" (mined slower, not much money in them). So after I see this, I thought the best method is; if I try to mine in a way that I can reach the most of those coloured stuff, in the shortest path. Than I figured out, I just can literally select EVERYTHING and just sit back and watch how everything converted into money. All I need to do, sometimes build more power, more drones an collectors, maybe some drop-points so the collectors don't have to go that far. 

Another thing that it is impossible to build if there is some drone on the tile or even if it just sit on the next to that tile, where I like to build. Because you can't control the drones directly to move away, you lose lot of building space because of it. When you build something they are just "blueprints", not actual things until the engineers start building them. Even all the drones can walk through them, so I consider this as a bug, that you can't put something down, when drones are nearby.

Last thing is what I like to see in your game, is that, if i can delete those "blueprints" while the engineers don't start building them, or maybe even delete the buildings.

Well, I enjoyed the game. It is very good if you have too much free time to kill or just like to watch for hours how little pixels running around in your monitor...

I really hope, in the future, there will be more things in the game. So it will be not just an "interactive screensaver".

P.S.: I found another bug. Sometimes the minders "freeze". They do mining on tiles that are already mined, and even have pavings on them. The green outline prove this, because they are there around those tiles, and the miners just stay there, don't go to mine other tiles. They just stay there forever mining the nothing...

thanks for the feedback it's super helpful. How long did you play for in hours?

First, can you ANSWER those questions that I asked? After that we can talk more about your game...

I played again a new game, and find few (almost) game-breaking bugs. Here is a screenshot when I quit that game..
I tell all those bugs that I find if you answer my questions...

That's Just Rude Gofri.  This game is like a game in development that is being alpha tested. WE are the alpha testers. What WE think about the game is going to make it get changed. So don't hate this open development game because it has bugs. IT'S IN OPEN DEVELOPMENT which means that you can play the game while it is being developed. So don't hate the creator. How about you put down in the comments some of YOUR favorite games and I'LL tell you the bugs.

RUDE? What is rude in my comment? That I shared my thoughts about the game? Or that I shared what bugs I fund in the game, so the developer can fix it? Or my suggestions what I like to see in the final game?

How about YOU play THIS game a bit and share what you think about THIS game in a few sentence?

WTF wrong with you, dude?!?!

If you scrolled down you would see that I MADE a video. Okay the video is crap because I used screencastify. You will also see that I played this game long before you and the game still hasn't been updated. Reason: the Dev is busy. If you scrolled down you will see that he is switching to Construct 3 and unpacking his new house. Okay maybe like 160 days passed but making games is not easy, I tried doing tutorials on construct 2 and I couldn't figure it out. Yes the game has bugs. Even the dev admits that becuase this game as you said is in very pre-alpha.I admit that there are bugs becuase I played the game too. I was one of the FIRST commenters on this game, so I think I know what IM talking about. There you go my thoughts in a few sentences. Your Welcome.

I done what I can; tested the game and shared my thoughts about it.
And asked some simple questions, because, if I get the answers, it can helps me understand more how the game works. And then, with that knowledge, I can find out more efficiently what are the bugs in the game.

But I didn't get answers; maybe the dev don't have time for that or doesn't even care that much about this game...

So I just posted it: if I get the answers, (than I know the dev really cares about this game) than I share more what I find in the game. Otherwise I don't waste my time on this...

Believe it or not, but I read all the posts here, but I don't care what are the other posts, because they are made long-long time ago and those tests are made on a different platform than mine. I don't even replied to another posts, because I simply focus just on the game, and not on other people (like you), and what they said. They have their own posts and replays from the dev. I don't care.

And you just come and said I'm rude... WHY? I don't said anything rude!!!

Your "thoughts in a few sentences" are nothing more just reposts to me.
Your replies has nothing to do with the game anymore. Just what you do, and what other things you try to do, or how long you are here, you and you and you...bunch of unrelated things. Just to make another useless reply to me...Oh, and I don't care that you are one of the first commenters!

"IM FIRST!!!"... Dude, get off your high horse, and stop picking on me.

Because all of this, from this point, I started to feel that you just try to insult me. You are the RUDE one, not my post!

Just stop it, don't reply to me anymore, please...

Post something about the game (in a new post), or make another video, or just go outside and get some fresh air and calm down...