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Made a mistake and linked the wrong respository

that's a great idea. It's already on GitHub as a private repo I will make it public after I review the code!

I have not had time as of late to continue development. It's a project I would like to return to at some point.

Wow thank you for taking the time to provide all of that feed back. I love your suggestions and understand I have a ways to go. I definitely will include a lot of this in road mapping the future.

You can click and drag your mouse to select tiles. There is no way to select a large area with a single command at the moment.

Good point. I will include better descriptions in the next release.


Love your ideas and they are both great quality of life improvements. I will for sure add these!

I am working on the campaign functionality right now (Support for scripts and static levels). It's not a front priority but I hope to start work on it with in a month.

thanks for the amazing feedback. I like all of your ideas a lot. Performance is hampered by the job system at the moment, which I am improving. Save games are coming in the next version.

Thanks again for taking the time to support me.

Thank you everyone that has been coming and playing Mined. After releasing version 0.2.0 I have been getting a lot more traffic to Mined and I just wanted to say how grateful I am to everyone that has played, commented and contributed.

We also got our first donation and we appreciate the support so much. I am so excited to continue this journey and look forward to bringing an amazing game to everyone.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

I added this to the list of bugs. Thanks for your help.

Thank you for the feedback. I love your idea for buildings and will look at working them into an upcoming version. We are working on a large update right now.

Thanks so much for you positive feedback and I hope some day it's finished on steam also.

Thanks for the feedback. The drone job management system is getting an overhaul to correct all of these issues.

Damaged drones just perform slower and get worse over time. I want to make this move visual so you can see the affect of damage.

I am working on a big new release I hope to have done in the coming month.

Would love to get idea's on new changes and research ideas!

Thanks so much for your feedback. I realize this is late but please check out our new version!

Thank your for the feedback. I am releasing a feature update that address's this issue right now.

Thanks, I will look into this.

can you tell me what OS, Browser and video card you have?

Tool tips are in the pipe line for features and a zoom increase is coming when the tile rendering is fixed.

There should be a button in the bottom right for full screen. It's part of web player, it might be hard to see.

We are back with a new version of the game. Please try it out and provide some feedback!

Neat concept. Love the simplicity in strategy. Good Job Buddy!

thanks for the feedback it's super helpful. How long did you play for in hours?

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Just released a new update. The game now works in the newer engine. The service drones are now functional with the basic durability system that slows down units until they are repaired by the service drone. Tweaked some game play stuff.

Hopefully I can keep working more consistently on this project.

Not sure. Getting close to unpacking my new home and then I can work on it more.

Thanks for the feedback on performance. There is a very large engine update coming for the development software I am using to make this that should speed up how the game performs significantly!

Those are some good ideas. I really like the processing stuff idea and making things to sell instead of instantly getting money for returning ore.

How was the performance at that score with that much stuff built ?

Nothing in particular. Thanks to a great man I was able to get mined moved into construct 3 and I can start working on it again with the new features of C3. I think there is a lot i would like to add and polish as this is an alpha. The core concept should not change but I would like to overhaul the games operation a bit to increase the dynamics of the game along with the strategy. 

I am in the middle of moving and changing some stuff around for my family so it might be a couple weeks before I can get to this project again.

This is pretty alpha and more a proof of concept. There is a lot of stuff to be added and all the standard stuff is going to be put in the game.

Wow thanks man, that was really cool. I would like to get back to this project soon after I move. 

I need to convert it to construct 3 and continue to work on it. I am hoping the other gentleman that worked on this will be able to help me do that.