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If you scrolled down you would see that I MADE a video. Okay the video is crap because I used screencastify. You will also see that I played this game long before you and the game still hasn't been updated. Reason: the Dev is busy. If you scrolled down you will see that he is switching to Construct 3 and unpacking his new house. Okay maybe like 160 days passed but making games is not easy, I tried doing tutorials on construct 2 and I couldn't figure it out. Yes the game has bugs. Even the dev admits that becuase this game as you said is in very pre-alpha.I admit that there are bugs becuase I played the game too. I was one of the FIRST commenters on this game, so I think I know what IM talking about. There you go my thoughts in a few sentences. Your Welcome.

That's Just Rude Gofri.  This game is like a game in development that is being alpha tested. WE are the alpha testers. What WE think about the game is going to make it get changed. So don't hate this open development game because it has bugs. IT'S IN OPEN DEVELOPMENT which means that you can play the game while it is being developed. So don't hate the creator. How about you put down in the comments some of YOUR favorite games and I'LL tell you the bugs.

Same thing happened to me but by zooming all the way and not letting all your bots in your view it sped up alot. Remember that im doing this on a School Chromebook.

Hey Seriously don't worry about it. My videos suck a lot.

Hey the lag is not from the game the game runs good. The lag is from my recorder Screencastify.

Hey ratheden I will upload a video soon on all the aspects.

Hey issue I was the one who uploaded that video down their and I was wondering that once Doom adds a save feature we should do a "Collaboration" Like we are competitors trying to beat the other.

I think im the only one who gets positive figures. 

New Mega Update... New Season

Thank you, Whenever there are updates I will try to cover them. However the first thing you should do when you get the project up and running is the ability to program your bots.

Hey heres the First Looks And Introductions. Episode 1

Made by me. 

Trello For Ideas

EPISODE 4   Also where do I find the Level Editor??

You will have to make the yellow line face the conveyor on both sides look at my youtube videos for more help.

Episode 3 - Power Upgrade

I have use a mine craft crafting system grid so they are very close together and in a grid so tunnels don't work and teleporters also cost too much resources.

Episode 2. Mindustry Ep 2- Power is so hard!!

This is what i wish i could've done when i wasn't recording and testing a large scale smeltery.

Here is Episode 1. 

Awesome game will record videos!!