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that first boss - overgrown plant - is WAY too hard , cant get anywhere near beating it at all ...

Deleted 1 year ago

well ive been playing these type of games for 35 years so have to disagree .... the plants spread of shots is too large to avoid in most cases , and happen too quickly .

I've got to agree on this. That first boss is killer. There doesn't even seem to be any kind of pattern. You just sort of have to hope that you're not unlucky enough to be standing somewhere that you'll be able to dodge properly. Even then, I wouldn't mind so much trying to deal with a hard boss, except that the majority of my time in this game now has been not even that boss fight, but in repeating the two screens and waiting for the text between respawning and getting the boss fight.

Deleted 1 year ago
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Oh, I beat it eventually, and the game was good. But my point still stands that if you die repeatedly the time spent in redoing it and waiting for the text and to be reminded how the skill that you just picked up for the nth time works is perhaps more frustrating than the repeating dying.

Possibly the only thing more annoying that the dying and the text is some stuck up dipstick troll of a commenter trying to invalidate other people's comments and opinions with a dismissive "you guys suck" comment.

I agree with you for both points :)

The first is why most metroidvanias place boss in between checkpoint and powerup. If player is defeated by the boss, they don't need to repeat any text/dialogue popped up when taking the powerup, they simply have to retry the bossfight.

Fixed some issues with the first boss.

Thanks. Just gave it a try. Having beaten it already, it's hard for me to provide a "fresh" perspective, but I'd say it's an improvement. I still die a fair bit on the first boss, but it definitely is faster not having to go through the weapon hint text. The attack spread on the boss feels a bit more consistent now so it's easier to find a hole (although definitely not always easy to do so, which is fine). I'm not sure if the exclamation marks are doing much. If they're supposed to indicate danger spots so you can avoid them, if feels like they're a bit off target, since I tried a few times and got hit standing right between two. But with the better attack spread, the hints might not be needed.

Alright, thanks for your insight! :)

I will try to improve some things in the future if I have time

Thanks for the feedback