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very nice !

brilliant !

was stuck below the grapple point right along the line of the grey lattice background if that helps

yes , the 4th blue block

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great game but real hard - the checkpoints could be better placed ...

i got soft locked in the section with 2 moving wheels and 5 jumps

nice but e is a strange choice of key to eat ... z or x would be better

theres something horribly wrong with the jump in this game , dont know if its lag or what but its really bad ,,,

really hard , twitchy controls , havent seen a checkpoint yet and you die constantly ...

not a fan

i dont understand what to do ? im stuck on the first screen by the heart container and just keep getting killed when i move to the right ...

no problem - arrow keys z x and spacebar are pretty much the standard layout for most platformers now , just have a look on steam and you will find plenty on there with this config - its what ive used for years of playing games !

maybe when using wasd but not when using arrow keys , z or x works much better

q is a weird choice for fire , you have to stretch right across the keyboard to use it !

having to use the mouse key makes it awkward on a laptop , any other key would be better for attack  :)

really needs the option to change controls but pretty good

really good ! like the way the controls change during the game

got it ! done that but it gets way too hard after you get the special ability so ive given up - nice looking game though

im stuck - about 4 screens in where you have to jump from block to block how do you get across the big gap with the row of spikes on the bottom ? special move doesnt work at all , literally nothing happens when you press a key ...

softlocked on the level that is the 2nd pic down in the preview - stuck on the black orb with blue outline  just above the water

nice game , had to stop at the falling past 3 wheels level though - that seems impossible.

does the game do anything past the first screen ? i cant progress as the jump to get off screen to the right seems impossible ...

very well made !

i cant get the first wall jump in the game to work - cant get high enough up the wall to get back to the next platform... what am i doing wrong ?

also its shown in the trailer video at 39 seconds

its the ones that are controlled by a ball bouncing underneath the player between 2 laser boxes - it triggers them on and off but i cant work out the timing... 

its the first set like this i encountered in the game 

thanks !

good game but so so difficult later on , i had to give up ...

really nice game !

you need to do a walkthrough for this as its surprisingly hard in places - im stuck on jumping the 3 vertical lasers ...

the attack is really hit and miss with this one , the rest is fine

its a bit too awkward using the mouse for spells - especially on a laptop . z and x would be better

nice !

enjoyed this - nice  use of the  jump mechanics ...

not a bad game but the control layout is really weird ...

its nice but i would change a few things ... the players death animation takes too long so i would shorten that and change the grapple key from shift to z,x or c to make it more comfortable to play

nice , plays well and no bugs !

if you play in fullscreen you cant see the ground below you so its trial and error were to walk or jump

sorry , i cant play this - controls are a mess !

way too awkward using the mouse , why not use keys ?

yes , thats the one

like it , good concept but dont like the falling after wall clinging - its too direct ? ie in one direction and you cant change it

i like it but the attack is very "wooly" - its hard to tell if you have got a hit in or not and there is no pushback so they can just hit you and you cant avoid it