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very nice , cute game !

nice game

level 6 doesnt seem possible - cant get back up after dropping through the floor ?

or am i missing something ?

space doesnt work for jump !

ive commented this a few times today but the controls are really awkward... i also think checkpoints should be automatic or one direction key press instead of f.

looks great and plays well though !

controls are a bit awkward , jump should be w or up arrow as arrow keys work as well - then the player has one hand on the mouse and one on the keyboard, any you dont have to keep moving fingers from key to key.

the use of the mouse for some controls stops people on laptops playing properly as there is no middle button !

are there only 4 levels ? if so i needs an ending but great game !

only thing i didnt like so much was the keyboard layout, im used to arrow keys zx space but i coped...

think this is worth building on, everthing works and looks great 

job well done

NP . a lot of players on this site use laptop  keyboards for control s which is seen as old school and ive added many comments about really odd layouts being used !

look at ori and shallow night for how to do it  :)

was a good game until it came to using the dash on a keyboard - enter key is a terrible choice ! 

why not use z or x that are right next to the spacebar ? enter is miles away...

had to give up

controls are too awkward - arrow keys work but space and shift are a bad combo when having to use the mouse as well , especially on a laptop trackpad ...

looks good though !

thats really good !

great game !

nevermind i got it !

this is great but im totally stuck after getting the vine upgrade ... checked all round the map and can only find 1 area to access with it and thats just a blue orb - any hints what to do ?

the enter key for fire is not good, it should be something close to the spacebar , like z or x .

also the camera zooms in and out a bit much but i like the art !

tried playing it but the controls for the keyboard are terrible , mouse key for tongue / whip is too awkward on a laptop , duck down should really be automatic and e for interaction doesnt feel right ...

also seems none of these can be changed.

sort the controls out and it might be a good game - ie arrows to move , zxc space for actions like a million other popular games are on steam !

keep getting stuck inside the walls im climbing up and cant get out !

it worked the next time i tried it ! weird ... im now stuck in the section after the grinding wheel room where there are triggers to push ... ive got 2 of them but the last is blocked by a blue block and theres a bouncing red thing close by that i cant do anything with to interact ... tried the boomerang to hit the trigger but no luck , been all around the stage but cant find anything to help ... any hints ?

really wish there was a walkthrough for this game !


ive tried that but couldnt get it to work ... will have another go - thanks !

hey , im stuck after getting the black key that is "as cold as ice" - where do i go next ? playing on steam btw 


cool game

whats with the hitbox size  ?! they are massive  when holding the key ...

enjoyable little game , nice !

fhat was pretty cool !

im afraid its too buggy and why use mouse for fire ? its too awkward when playing on a laptop , z or x would be better

wrong choice of keys for fire and shield , z and x would make it easier to play ... as it is its v awkward

nicely done !

very nice !

brilliant !

was stuck below the grapple point right along the line of the grey lattice background if that helps

yes , the 4th blue block

(1 edit)

great game but real hard - the checkpoints could be better placed ...

i got soft locked in the section with 2 moving wheels and 5 jumps

nice but e is a strange choice of key to eat ... z or x would be better

theres something horribly wrong with the jump in this game , dont know if its lag or what but its really bad ,,,

really hard , twitchy controls , havent seen a checkpoint yet and you die constantly ...

not a fan

i dont understand what to do ? im stuck on the first screen by the heart container and just keep getting killed when i move to the right ...

no problem - arrow keys z x and spacebar are pretty much the standard layout for most platformers now , just have a look on steam and you will find plenty on there with this config - its what ive used for years of playing games !

maybe when using wasd but not when using arrow keys , z or x works much better

q is a weird choice for fire , you have to stretch right across the keyboard to use it !