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great idea , well executed - would like to see more ! kudos

the screen movement is too jerky making it hard to do the precise jumps needed with the awkward controls youve used  im afraid ...

still scrolls with spacebar for me - if you add a fullscreen option that usually cures it ?

nevermind , got it ! great game

how do you make your chain stay gold ? im stuck on the level with 3 switches that need turning gold but the chain never stays charged for long enough to reach the second one ?

and now stuck at the part with all the saw blades - it seems impossible due to the massive hitboxes

seems a good game but having to press r repeatedly to restart is annoying - it should be automatic ... also would be better to use zx for action keys

looks and plays great but the dash mechanism is too awkward , it needs checkpoints so you dont have to redo the whole level

space bar is scrolling the screen so unplayable

crashes at agent clown nose part - firefox

also how do you get past the green pit on level 8 ? 

this is very hard - how do you land on the aqua platform on level 6 ? it seems impossible

hi , yes we are talking about the same thing !  i had been trying the route you recommend but couldnt get that way , must try harder !

i managed to bypass the 3rd boss - dropped down onto the top platform , then the one below and down to the ground ... this draws the boss closer to ground level . then quickly jump back up the platforms to the top one and double jump over him to the exit - job done ! 

i will try your way tonight but have a feeling i wont be able to beat the final boss  :)

thanks again

after checkpoint 29 seems impossible 

thanks for the fix , it was much needed ! i seem to have found an impossible jump after savepoint 29 now , where the second flying bird is ... is this possible ? tried about 50 times but cant hit the platform  at all ... any tips ?

update - another 150 deaths at this ( up to 442 now ) and im officially done . this is too hard for me which is a shame as the rest of the game ive seen is great !

if the enemys fire rate was a little slower so you could jump between bullets it would be easier  / fairer .

i still cant see the pattern your supposed to use , hopefully someone does a walkthrough !

thanks for the quick reply - ive been trying to find the pattern and thought i had tried the one you advise , i must have done it wrong ! i also struggled with the 1st boss but managed to sneak past him ...

great game so far btw !

the boss at checkpoint 16 seems impossible , over 50 deaths so far on it and i cant see a way past ... its firepower is too rapid

and level 36 !

same with level 26 - it seems to be when his bomb arms itself

game is crashing on level 23 when you go up to the last scroll ( by the guy with the big bomb )

excellent little game !

controls are a lot better now ! thank you

nah man , that mechanic for the jump is way too awkward , strange , annoying etc - cant even get past the 1st pit !

could you add arrow keys and z,x for the controls ?

nice game

is their any way to change the controls ? i just cant play the game with this setup ...

quality work , really well done

that was great , nice puzzles !

done this - got it from microsoft website - installed , rebooted but still getting the same message ... any more ideas ?

im getting this error when trying to run the setup file in windows -

Setup has detected that the file 'C:\Users\bigjus\AppData\Local\Temp\VSD194F.tmp\XnaFxRedist40\xnafx40_redist.msi' has changed since it was initially published.

any ideas what to do ?


just been trying it again and also noticed that sometimes it goes into the second jump ( with the yellow tail ) straight off a platform without giving you the first jump ... and if you play the game windowed you cant see platform edges .

the second screen after you aquire the double jump - as you transition into it from the first most of the time the 2nd jump doesnt work and you cant get to the first platform ... ive only been able to do it a few times.

then further into into that level , on the 3rd platform , it doesnt give you a second jump when you jump and you just fall into the death below...

hope that makes sense ...

there seems to be something wrong with the double jump on the second screen so had to stop there ...

much better now , finished it !  great game ...

good game but had to give up at the combustion levels , they are too hard . also i would make it an auto restart after a death , having to press x again and again is annoying - especially when you will die a lot figuring out what to do !

that was great , well done dev !

agree with other comments , really nice !

nice game , plays well

nice little game , plays great - would love to see it expanded