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brilliant !

i like the game but the difficulty level is a bit high for me - when you get in areas where all the rocks fall on you its almost always instant death , and when respawning in the ghost section they can damage you straight away .

controls and movement are fine though  !

arrow keys dont appear to be working ?!

looks good though

what do you do on level 3 ?

enjoyed that , everything really nice !

excellent game , would like to see more levels

this is great but im stuck ... got the red repeater gun but it doesnt seem to be of any use - any tips ?

thats strange as ive hit it multiple times and it wouldnt die ! will try again ... thanks

also there seems to be a black crow that you cant kill on the first tower , so it follows you around and kills you randomly ... the shot/bow doesnt work against it ? is that how its meant to be ?

i cant get any further than that ...

great game but the insta death is annoying , would be better if you had at least one life ... cant get past the first tower without it

solution works , thanks !

i cant get it to open , says some dll files are missing ?

there seems to be an impossible jump near the start - the 3 blocks part - so the game is unplayable ...

excellent game

sadly the controls are bad , shift and ctrl need replacing with z and x - this would make it much more user friendly  and " normal "

also , its really annoying having to press r to restart everytime , that should be automatic

dash not working - x key (firefox)

excellent , enjoyed that

loved it , excellent !

really a bit too hard with the jump not working unless moving and it keeps freezing up when restarting ... looks good though

the game doesnt seem to work - it wont run the game , only the tutorial and even then none of the keys work to open the doors ?

just completed this , totally awesome game !

how do you turn it on ? i can only get as far as inserting the cart then nothing happens / appears to turn it on ...

good game and clever idea but the jumps are too pixel perfect to make it fun - having to go back to the previous screen and start it all over again is a bit tedious. fix that and i would be impressed :)

finished it , what an excellent game ! many very clever ideas in this and great gameplay - would recommend buying this one for certain , great job ...

played this over on lexaloffle where you dont need to download it ( why not play in browser here ? ) and its very good , faultless infact !

just wish it was longer , do you plan to expand it ? i found it really easy so it may need the difficulty upping a bit but a great game anyway , well done

nice , could be extended a lot more as the style and gameplay is perfect - great effort !

yeah , was using firefox  !

cool !

very good , great design !

the jump from right to left on the 1st level seems impossible or am i missing something ?

really nice game , would like to see it expanded ...

excellent game !

the characters auto jumping is really annoying and wall climbing takes too long - fix those things and it could be decent ...

a lot better since the update , just finished it - a really nice game now !

that bee is way too hard to get past , it takes far too long to kill ... and that makes it boring - sorry !

beautiful graphics and style, clever gameplay - a perfect game for me :)

very nice game , well done !

fantastic game , last boss was frustratingly hard but got it done !

enjoyed that , a solid platformer !