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the slashing down with sword thing is really not intuative at all and spoils the game - i would rethink that if i were you ... and fix the endless corridors that are in there !

a lot better with arrow keys ! thanks

nice game , quite tricky in places with sliding off the edge of platforms but a decent challange ...

needs arrow keys for movement ...

jhe jumping bug makes it unplayable for me , shame

yup screen scrolls with space bar ... did you play test it first ?!

really enjoyed this - once i worked out how to get the jetpac ! great work .

Xana community · Created a new topic keys
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if you mess up the keys at the start as i have its not possible to change them

cant change them even after clearing browser either ... unplayable

excellent game , really love stuff like this

dont know how to start this , nothing seems to work ?

i doubt there will be ANY updates now as its basically a dead game !

yeah im still playing but not as much , its gone really quiet !

even the mighty mostro isnt around or creating levels as often as he used to , theres only scheu and a few noobs doing anything...

sad as its a really good game !

are you the densch who used to play below kryll ? if so im jus !

fantastic game , really well done - took me a while to figure out exactly what to do !

needs arrow keys for movement !

cant play as the screen scrolls down when the space bar is pressed

not fun at all , just really annoying ! sorry but bored of that within a few minutes.

really nice game , only just stumbled across it ! im stuck in the bottom right section where you  have to climb with the magic - it seems impossible to me ... is there a walkthrough for this ?

hi , that sort of makes sense but the main control keys are the arrow keys and the only shift key that works on my keyboard with your game is at the opposite end of the layout , meaning you have to stretch your left little finger and thumb between the shift and spacebar which is very awkward ...

ive never played any of the games you mentioned and doubt i ever will now if thats the control layout ! 

one of the best games for control choice ive ever found is called below kryll , that uses arrow keys , q,w,e and the spacebar which fits ergonomically with the shape of the hand - and feels much more natural !

all the best :)

not bad but again very awkward controls - why shift and space for dash and jump ? they are miles apart on the keyboard so it makes it very hard to control...

why not use z and x instead ?  i keep seeing such illogical controls in games and really dont understand why devs choose them !

very buggy and default keys are awful - why space for jump and mouse for fire ? you need 3 hands to control everything ! should be z and x  like most normal games ...

doesnt seem to be loading with firefox

hi , yes it works fine in fullscreen !

many thanks - cute game :)

looks good but needs arrow keys as controls

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cant play this properly as the screen scrolls when you press jump (spacebar) 

shame as it looks interesting ...

it will not load

really good ! i enjoyed that

damn , thought it did it automatically ! that makes sense now ...

hi , thank you ! it wasnt obvious to me that there was a ladder either side - doh !

another question if you dont mind ... ive gone back down to the shop to buy the strange meat but when i buy it my hp doesnt go up ? its stays at 17 .

tried doing it a few times with the same result

am i doing something wrong ? (again !)


the second level above the the one with the secret switch seems impossible to do - its the one with two moving platforms either side of the player and a tiny platform to land on in the middle.

problem is the character doesnt jump high enough to land on the platform ... ive been trying for about an hour and it just cant be done ( with or without dash ) 

is this a fault ?