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the player movement is too slow and clunky for the jumps etc that are needed in the game - had to quit 

could you add arrow keys for movement ? a and d feel weird for me !

really tricky mechanic to use , very different - the controls make it harder , should also include the option of arrow keys for movement

should be arrow keys and zx  for controls really ....

a little ray of sunshine this , love it !

some instructions would be nice , i havent a clue what to do after getting the weapon ...

enjoyed that !

any chance you could add arrow keys for movement ? wasd is weird !

i got dash that said press ctrl to use but it does nothing ? also it needs a checkpoint near there as some of the jumps needed are pretty annoying to keep repeating

also having to hold the run key down all the time is a pain , surely there is a better way to speed up movement ? ie dash ?

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that eye thing seems pretty impossible to get past as the wall jump doesnt work sometimes and its too fast to dodge  so im giving up , shame as the rest of the game is top notch , well done

bug report - level 1-7 , when  your dashing at the walls near the end of the level the character sometimes goes inside the wall and you die ...

a couple of levels later when you encounter the gray disappearing blocks for the first time - if you fall off and die the game doesnt reset properly , it just keeps dying instantly and looping the death.

also is there any way to save progress ? ive had to restart from scratch twice now because there isnt , i cant find a way or the second bug i mentioned caused a full reload ,

besides that it looks and plays well , controls are good .

one thing i would change is having to press e to enter doors , that should be automatic

great game , quite tricky in places !

nice but the z,x and down for slide dont work

level 8 ? wall jump around the spikes is too hard ... infact the whole double jump feels odd

something wrong with the jumping , it keeps getting stuck

looks great , terrible controls though ...

i got softlocked going through one of the doors ... seemed to drop down off the screen to the right into a room and then the screen just kept slowly flashing on and off

christ thats hard , even without the spring note things ! could do with checkpoints when you move up a screen ....

excellent work

keeps freezing in the 1st wall jumping section - 55 seconds in the video

some of this is very tricky but really well made , like it a lot

nice game but level six is too hard , cant get past

same here its bugging out when you have highest level jump and then try to upgrade to the highest level run speed - it just gets stuck with a text box repeating. im assuming this is why i cant get through the bubbles ?

had to give up due to the big pepperoni steps level , just too hard imo - until then it was great !

great game !

nice game , just a couple of problems for me - level 7 boss is too hard due to the spikes that appear after a couple of hits and the keys layout is too cluttered for me ( prefer arrow keys for direction anyway )

back for me too , am on virgin broadband as well

same issues here for the last 2 days - also from UK

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ive had the same problem all day , no thumbnails loading and no games will run/play ... tried using firefox edge and chrome and its the same in all 3 . is it a problem with my computer ?


one life is a bit tight when its not obvious to do most of the time

i think i was playing on normal , wasnt aware there was a difficulty selection ?

this is all kinds of brilliant , great game !

final boss is too hard for me though , if you could drop down through platforms it would be doable i guess ?

this is quite good but has some problems ... some of the jumps (especially level 3 ) are too pixel perfect , and coupled with a bit of a dodgy edge jumping mechanism it makes it very frustrating to have to keep repeating steps .

also the powerups are pretty useless since they only last a few seconds so arnt worth bothering with really...

it could do with at least 1 checkpoint per level as death means back to the start which is annoying .

was enjoyable until the slippy platforms then it got real hard real fast and too annoying to carry on !

cant jump off platforms at top of first set of wall spike jumps , player gets stuck

excellent game , finished it !

way too hard imo , some of it needs pinpoint accuracy to get through and it gets a bit annoying/boring trying to repeat it...

the style and mechanics are great though