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Best hour (1:03:13 specifically) and 1447 clicks my laptop has experienced in quite some time. Quite challenging in a few places, but all puzzles actually made sense with enough thought and searching. Nothing was a completely absurd connection to make. Although I must say that was a lot of work for a screwdriver. If this had been a real escape room, I would have repurposed some random piece of junk for a screwdriver long before that, lol.

Definitely the best escape room game I've played in a while. Great job!

Well, I didn't find most of the soups - or even most of the 1-star soups, but I did find a bug. If I put salt and pepper in the pot in quick enough succession I can eventually get the salt/pepper mills to fall over. Once that happens, if I add them to the soup again, they fall through the shelf and disappear behind the cabinet.

Biggest problem I have so far is either the randomness or the viewable area, I'm not sure which (maybe both). I find I don't get very far into play before the leaves are inevitably generated too far apart for me to have any chance of jumping to them.

It's possible that maybe one of the very high up leaves is supposed to catch up before I drop off the bottom. But I end up off the bottom - and it's several seconds before the game is over... so maybe the playable area is larger than the viewable area, and the leaves aren't too far apart? Or maybe the leaves are too far apart and the play area is also weird?

The mechanic of being able to jump off the top of a hopping step is a bit unusual, but works pretty well once you get used to it.

If you're going to post a web version of the game, I would suggest using keys that everyone has on their keyboard. Left/right shift keys seem to be relatively common for pinball games. The Alt key will trigger the right flipper, but isn't useful since it opens the browser menu, pausing the game. And left/right mouse button isn't really easily usable on a trackpad.

Graphics are pretty cute though.

Well let me just reiterate that for the most part it was pretty well done - especially for a first game!

I might be a bit out-of-date on game references as I caught a couple more obvious ones, but didn't really notice that many. So maybe level 40 would make more sense as a reference, but I stand by my claim (which it sounds like you agree with) that's it does rather break the flow.

As for the moving blocks themselves, I understand wanting to keep the game interesting, and there's nothing inherently wrong with moving blocks and timing puzzles. I think what makes it "feel bad" (to me at least) is that it's a fairly sudden change to the game. Up until that point it's all up to the player to figure out the patterns to move in to solve the puzzle, and then suddenly there's timing puzzles and the game is setting the pace (which then level 40 takes to an extreme). Don't know if introducing the moving blocks sooner so the player doesn't get into a particular mindset would help, or if it's just the way it is. But that's just my armchair analysis of why the moving blocks bugged me (although I'm certain a lot of my irritation with them was retroactive from L40 😆)

But keep up the good work!

Not bad, a lot of the levels that I did were pretty good. I think I hit a couple of bugs where I managed to get the arrows to move out of sync, and to think they were adjacent when they were one square apart just by the timing of when I moved.

But level 40 as far a I'm concerned ruins the game. that level was clearly designed to MAKE THE PLAYERS HATE YOU! And I know you can't tell because of your wonky CSS choice on this page, but that was yelled in all caps.  It was getting bad enough when the moving blocks came in, forcing the levels to be slowed waiting for timing even if the solution was relatively obvious,  but that one really feels like "I don't have enough content, let's artificially stretch out the game." or maybe "if we make the players rage quit, we don't need to implement more levels". I'll probably never know if that's the case, because I don't expect to ever come back to complete that level.

But up until that screwy level, good job.

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Not bad. The fighting mechanics works pretty well once you get used to it. I never did manage to figure out the tip about walking in circles improving aiming, but I didn't have much trouble with aiming regardless.

I guess maybe I beat the game? I reached a staircase - although I couldn't do anything with it. Replayed just in case there was a bug, same thing, nothing happens at the staircase. I also managed to get stuck inside a door once, but I couldn't reproduce, so can't tell you much more than that. And there's a couple minor clipping problems with slimes getting stuck in walls, but I'm not sure I have a good reproduce there either.

Also, with that fighting mechanic you didn't call it Tongue Fu?

Seemed like it could have been an interesting idea. But I got bored buying the extra 5 cards for the starter deck. Maybe the animation are just slow because I'm running in the browser, but after buying the first two I just couldn't be bothered waiting through three more. It was probably not much slower to type this comment than it would have been to get into the game, so I opted for the comment instead.

I assume the "trap" referred to in the description is the misaligned hitbox? Because that's the only "trap" that really causes any trouble.Have to jump over the spider from here, because trying to snuggle up to the right hand wall means the last spider hits the left edge of the player, even though it looks like there should be lots of space there, and being much further left means the middle spider hits you.

My quick assessment of the gameplay: the moving paddle in the middle doesn't seem all that useful. I don't think I ever have a ball that hits that and bounces in any way that isn't just right down into the hole as the paddle moves out of the way. The flippers appear unstable, as even when I try to hold the ball the flipper eventually triggers on its own, making fine control basically impossible, and the randomness of the ball coming into the playing field makes the game potentially unwinnable by pure randomness, as I've had easily 3-4 balls in a row discard themselves at high speed straight down between the flippers and the moving paddle.

But that being said, the action of the ball launching off the flippers (when I can do it deliberately rather than as the flipper bouncing itself) is cleaner and smoother than on many pinball video games I've played, so kudos on the physics!

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No worries. These things happen. Definitely seen upgrades kill save files on web builds of things before. Just figured I aught to report it because I didn't know you'd uploaded a new version, so thought it might be another bug.

If all that's changed is a hash value somewhere, and the save file contents are still the same, I could probably hack the save file if I felt like putting in the effort and knew the hashes, etc. But it's probably quicker to just replay it later if I want to see what's next than to figure that out.

Still, overall a nice twist on the sliding maze puzzle game genre.

Just checked. The continue button still just dings, but doesn't load the game.

Yup, I figured out the workaround before I posted the bug (went back and tried a couple times to confirm the bug wasn't a one-off before I posted). I guess I could have mentioned it. Although, oddly enough, I just came back after playing again earlier (made it to Locke, died during the fight, and then closed my tab to come back later), but I can't resume my save game now.

Not entirely sure what happened there - maybe it has something to do with exactly when I closed the tab or something? Unfortunately, I can't really test for a reproduce for that since I'd have to start from the beginning to test it, so all I can do is mention it.

Like what I'm seeing so far. More creative and more interesting than a lot of games I've seen lately on here.

After getting the green flame and teleporting back to the cemetery, if you go back to the green portal you try to use the cemetery portal, the teleport animation runs, the cemetery comes back, and the game is unplayable (maybe frozen) - the player doesn't even reappear.

Movement seems fairly smooth. General mechanics are hard to comment on since they seem to be "run, jump, shoot" which is pretty standard. I never quite figured out the pattern to when the enemies on level 2 move or stand still.

But I'm going to make a comment on the control scheme that has become a bit of a pet-peeve of mine, especially on games for some reason. I couldn't really play too far because I tend to play these games on my laptop. My laptop briefly disables the trackpad after a keypress to prevent accidental moving/clicking of the "mouse" when typing. This makes games that use "mouse click to shoot" difficult to play. I could understand that if the weapon were aimed. There's no reason for it when there's no aiming. A mouse is used for positional interaction. If you just need a button to trigger "fire", there's dozens of "buttons" available on the keyboard. Why does everyone seem to go for the mouse?

I wondered about that. I was just about to file a bug report for this level when I looked and saw that you'd already found it. I'd assumed the label was wrong, so I kept beating on it trying to get it down to 28. I took a different approach of straight up off the middle, down to the right and bounce (not jump) back to the middle - it just *barely* made it in 28. (if I jumped off the right one, I'd just miss the 28 target). But I like your loopback better.

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Oh? Hm, I'll give it another try and see. After I placed the first tent I never had another one come into my hand. Thanks for the warning about the farms and wells.

Edit: Oh, I see. I can add more tents from the list at the top into my discard pile to shuffle them into my hand. If there was a hint about that somewhere, I managed to miss it.

"Random set of goals" could work I suppose. But "Random set of achievable goals" might be better. I played one round, noticed that food drops pretty quickly, and the cards didn't include a lot of "+food per turn", so bought the boar farm to balance it out for future rounds...

Only every game I've started since then wants me to get 5 population. And I only have +2 population from a single camp, and +1 from a single tent. So I can't win any games, which means I can't research any new cards to gain more population. Given that every game wants that, it doesn't appear that the population target is random, which means I *needed* to buy a different card.

Not only have you been everywhere, but can promise you that you've been mere steps from the start of the path to the secret room, and just didn't know it, even before you started thoroughly exploring.

There's a pit you fall down to reach a room with gas tanks on your way to the end of the game. The secret room is on the other side of it. It's too big to jump across.

You have been on the other side of that pit already, you just couldn't do anything. You just need to get back on that side of the pit.

You need to complete every seal in the main factory as indicated by the office computers in order to open the path to get to the other side of the pit.

Then you need to go somewhere that you probably didn't think was an option, and completely forgot about by the time you finished all the seals.

Would seem that the problem is that the jump triggers on release of the spacebar rather than on press. If someone didn't notice that it would definitely feel like it sometimes just doesn't work.

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Oh, cool thanks! Interesting that you couldn't reproduce. I tried it again - finished a couple levels and hit Ctrl+R again, and again lost my saves. I'll do a little more testing around in different browsers etc when I've got some time, see if I can narrow it down.

Edit - actually just tried again, and my progress stayed. Okay, I'm not sure what happened. If I see it again, I'll try to figure out the reproduce.

Now to figure out 36...

I was really enjoying this. The puzzles are actually pretty challenging and really satisfying to finally get them.

But I finally got completely stuck on level 36 - I couldn't find any way to move anything in a way to even get started. So I went to refresh my browser to see if anyone was talking about that level in the comments. Hit Ctrl+R.... and completely reset my progress instead of refreshing the page. Rough choice of shortcut key there. I notice that's not documented so maybe it's a default part of the engine being used? In any case, I don't know if I can be bothered going back through the first 35 levels again. But good game and enjoyable puzzles until that happened.

I suspect the reason people are getting stuck after the fridge is because the inventory/item behaviour is somewhat inconsistent.

Fridge code: Shows up in inventory with numbers large enough you don't even have to discover items from the inventory can be viewed in detail at that point.

Recipe: Have to realize you can click on an inventory item to view it in detail.

Cocktail: Looks like it would be an inventory item, but is just used on the spot when you click on it.

Pictures: Just appear in the inventory after you solve the fridge, can be viewed in detail - but there's no purpose to doing so, you have to drag them out of the inventory, clicking doesn't use it.

I'd normally spend a little more time playing a game before commenting on controls, but there's a couple things I can provide feedback on pretty much immediately.

The comment I seem to make on every game on itch these days is if the attack doesn't need to be aimed, using the mouse is isn't necessarily an appropriate choice for attack. It unnecessarily complicates the controls for laptops -or even makes it impossible for some laptops that have a timing delay on the touchpad to prevent accidental clicks while typing.

But even more critical in this case is using controls that involve Ctrl and W is just asking for someone to accidentally close their tab while playing, and Ctrl+D is the shortcut for "bookmark" in at least some browsers. Ctrl is fine for desktop games, but a tough choice of key to use in a browser.

In short, and I mean this to be helpful - not to offend, when choosing a control scheme, don't just think about what you're familiar with (this feels like probably a DOOM/Half-life/Unreal/etc control scheme? first-person/third-person action/adventure games anyway). Also consider the style of the game, the platform, and the reason why certain controls are used.

I like the graphics style though - little reminiscent of Prince of Persia or similar games of that era.

I want to like this, I'm kind of curious what some of those later buffs are. But the RNG is just too unforgiving in my experience so far. I think my best is (a fairly consistent) three days, because no matter what combination of things I try to get, I can't get enough speed to get around the inevitable side-to-side dodge with tight rows of stumps, and in the rare case I ever see a health potion, it's almost invariably positioned so that the only way to grab it is to run through a stump. (which costs *much* more health than the potion restores)

Oh wow. I had tried doing that, but when I didn't see how it could work I gave up and went down a different path. Soon as I saw that hint, I took another look and worked it out. I must say level 19 is absolutely brilliant. Maybe a bit evil too, but brilliant!

I have to say I'm kind of impressed. I'm not sure that puzzlescript is the best engine for this - the controls are a bit clunky if I'm being honest, and I assume that to be limitations of trying to get so many interactions into puzzlescript.

The concept is good, the puzzles are clever. There's a couple I had to work at for quite a while until I suddenly realized how to work the pathing properly for them.

I want to say I finally got stuck on level 17 or 18 - but I'm not sure which since I don't remember now what number it showed me, and there's no indication I can find of the level number (it's the one where blue and yellow need to be swapped, joined, and put in the lower right corner).

It might be nice to have a level indicator at least. Or maybe even a level selector so you can go back and redo a level to remind yourself how you solved one as a refresher if you're stuck on a later one. But overall, nice puzzle game, and a very impressive abuse (in my opinion :P) of puzzlescript.

(p.s. I'd love to know how that spoiler hover in the hint comment was done, I've had times I wanted to post hints for people, but didn't want to ruin a puzzle)

Took me probably a couple of hours to beat the game the first time, then I played it several more times after that - not because of the claimed replayability (I'll get to that in a moment), but in order to try to provide some solid feedback.

I'll start by saying the art is great, the game has some character, some of the puzzles felt kind of clever for such a simple game and interface, and I'm kind of interested to see what might be next, given this labels itself as a chapter 1.

It's definitely a phone-oriented game though - that's clear. The timing is a bit tight for a mouse, and way too tight for a touchpad (maybe with practice). I finally beat it because my laptop has a touch screen. I have not yet tried it on my phone - but if that's the target demographic, then the timing might be okay - except...

Even though you have 60 seconds, I feel like it's closer to 45 or so given how much time is spent waiting for item pick-up animations to run (although I'd have to time it. Sometimes it feels like I was able to do other things while the animation was running, sometimes not. So I'm not quite sure what's happening there. And the dog can use up a very random amount of time. I  had one playthrough where I think I spent nearly 10 seconds waiting for the dog to bring up the missing page.

So, between the animations and the dog, assume you've got maybe 40 seconds to do everything. You can't waste time going back and forth between screens looking for things, and checking the book. Which bring me to the replayability point - the only way I found to feasibly beat the game was to figure out everything I needed to grab (since most items don't change, only their location), and then just grab everything while looking for the book. Read the book to find what card I need, grab it, then drop the fish in the pot. Once that's the approach, moving items around doesn't really add much replayability to it.

My one constructive criticism about replaying is about how the items move and change. While I think I agree that just having three numbers sitting out in the open might make the safe code a bit too easy, since most items just move around randomly, realizing that the numbers will always be in the same place, and in order, but might be representing by things that look nothing like numbers I think is a bit of an intuitive leap given how different that is from the rest of the items. I didn't beat the game the first time until I lucked out and got all numbers. Then when I finally confirmed that was the safe code, I was able to go replay and hunt and try to figure out where other "numbers" might be.

Yeah, my problem was trying to get both gold statues under the silver sigil. Finally realized how to get them to cross paths so that my undos didn't keep putting a silver in my way, and then, as you said it was mostly a matter of filling up the undo buffer with enough moves to get around. Finally solved (and, I think, optimized) it.

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All the 3-levels? Major spoilers follow. Do not read this unless you want full solutions:

3.1: Push left statue left into hole. Walk back to start. Push remaining statue onto gold sigil. Undo to left of gold statue. Push two spaces right of the hole. Retrieve silver and push into bottom hole. Walk into bottom left nook. Push gold down into hallway. Undo into nook.

3.2: Walk into bottom nook. Walk into top nook. Walk left of silver sigil. Push statue onto silver sigil, then right into hole. Step into top nook. Push gold statue left under top nook. Undo into nook. Push statue down. Undo until you're standing left of a restored gold statue. Push statue under top nook. Undo into nook. Push down. Undo into left nook.

3.3: Push left statue down to the bottom. Undo until the silver sigil reactivates. Push second statue down to fill topmost hole. Push gold statue into left hole. Undo silver out of hole.

3.4: Push statue into hole. Walk onto hole. Use a "first level" undo to retrieve the statue. Turn statue red, and place between holes. Now the undo magic (this is seriously brilliant - kudos to the developer) - use the "second level" undo to undo every step you made until you're standing on the hole.

3.5: (finally figured this one out) Walk into the bottom nook. Walk to the sigil. Walk into the nook again. Walk back to the sigil. Walk down two spaces. Walk under the leftmost hole. Push the nearest statue down. Undo to get left of statue. Push statue onto sigil, and continue into the hole. Push gold statue left. Undo until you're below the statue. Push statue up to turn it silver, and move it into the leftmost hole. Push gold statue into the bottom hallway. After that it's all undoing until you get into the right position to push the gold statues around.

Yeah, 3.5 is breaking my brain too. I've been trying to solve it for a couple of evenings now, and I don't see any way to do it. My guess was similar to your brute-force, that I need to do some particular path ahead of moving everything, but even then I don't see what that path must be. I'm rather impressed with these puzzles.

Wish this site had spoiler tags, but anyone this far down in this thread is probably looking for a solution anyway 😅

Push the silver down into the pit. Stack the gold on top of the silver. Undo until the silver comes out of the pit, so the gold falls in. You now have the hole filled, so you can push the silver down and around to fill the bottom remaining hole to put the remaining gold in the top-left, and then undo the silver to the start and get beneath it to fill the last blocking hole.

I don't want to spoil it too much, but you need to do a swap to put the gold in the hole. Remember you can undo moves to silver without undoing moves to gold.

Couple of quick problems to report:

1) I somehow managed first thing to roll through the wall directly ahead when starting the first level and get stuck in non-play area. I can't reproduce it though.

2) AZERTY keyboards aren't the most common keyboard option out there. I haven't done much with positional keyboard (I'm normally dealing with text, not with game controls myself), but I think you might have wanted to check KeyboardEvent.code instead of (I'm guessing) KeyboardEvent.keyCode - but I'd have to confirm that.

3) As far as I can tell the mouse doesn't control anything about the attack direction, so I don't see why use the mouse for the attack. The mouse is a precision input device - not just a button but a location input. Another key would work fine, and make the game playable on laptops like mine that disable the touchpad briefly after keyboard input (to prevent accidental cursor interactions while typing). Unless of course there's aimed projectiles or something later - but from a couple minutes of playing it looks like the attack direction is determined entirely by character facing direction. (I need to script this - I think I've posted it on 3/4 of the games I've played this year)

I haven't played much of it yet. I tried the web version, and on my system at least movement is very jerky - but maybe that's juts a web version problem, I see a lot of developers saying "web version doesn't work right" for some reason for their games. The style has a bit of a retro look that I do kind of like, and it could have potential.

But I think the one comment I have is the comment I seem to put on *every* platform game on itch : please don't use the mouse just to get a fire button.  The mouse isn't just a button -  the mouse is used for positional things (like aiming). If a weapon, or whatever, doesn't use the positional aspects of a mouse not only does it break a user's mental model of using a mouse, but it also makes it less usable on some laptops (mine for example disables the touchpad for a brief time after keyboard input to prevent accidentally moving the cursor when typing).

3D games use WASD/Space/Mouse because they need controls that allow movement in at least 4-5 degrees of freedom. Games that require precision shooting would of course need to use the mouse for aiming. But using the mouse for a 2D platform game with a forward-only weapon makes the game accessible to fewer devices.

For the most part I liked it! Managed to pack a lot of Metroidvania into a fairly small map.

My only complaint really is that even with such a small map, I often found it hard to figure out where to go - trying to remember where the different pink block areas were to know when I could visit what areas after hitting the switches was a bit much sometimes. I ended up having to go over the entire map again to get the last two stars and monsters because I'd totally forgotten that the entrance to the two cell block was the block above that had simply been blocked by a pink wall the first time I'd been through. And I think I might have gotten to a couple of places early with some tricky jumps that threw me off, not realizing I should have gone another way first (because the other way had been blocked, and then I forgot about it, because there was no hint on the map that there was further to go).

Although with a map so small, maybe easier navigation hints (like Metroid's indicators of whether there's a path between two adjacent cells) might make it too easy, so I'm not sure I have any ideas.

Overall, nicely done though. Probably one of the better Metroidvanias I've played on here.

Thanks. Just gave it a try. Having beaten it already, it's hard for me to provide a "fresh" perspective, but I'd say it's an improvement. I still die a fair bit on the first boss, but it definitely is faster not having to go through the weapon hint text. The attack spread on the boss feels a bit more consistent now so it's easier to find a hole (although definitely not always easy to do so, which is fine). I'm not sure if the exclamation marks are doing much. If they're supposed to indicate danger spots so you can avoid them, if feels like they're a bit off target, since I tried a few times and got hit standing right between two. But with the better attack spread, the hints might not be needed.

"Best to play on tablets [...]" is a severe understatement. When the game first loaded in my browser, I couldn't even see how to move, as no keys do anything. The game window wasn't showing everything, since I tried going fullscreen to see if maybe I was missing a menu or something, and that's when I finally was able to see the controls - clearly a touch-only system, because that control is definitely not something you want to use with a mouse, or worse a laptop touchpad.

Might be interesting, but I doubt I'll try it on my phone to find out. And needs an obvious note that it's intended for touch-only.

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Oh, I beat it eventually, and the game was good. But my point still stands that if you die repeatedly the time spent in redoing it and waiting for the text and to be reminded how the skill that you just picked up for the nth time works is perhaps more frustrating than the repeating dying.

Possibly the only thing more annoying that the dying and the text is some stuck up dipstick troll of a commenter trying to invalidate other people's comments and opinions with a dismissive "you guys suck" comment.